Jana Kramer Teases Lifetime ’s First-Ever Christmas Movie Sex Scene – And Hallmark’s response!

Jana Kramer Teases Lifetime’s First-Ever Christmas Movie Sex Scene: ‘It’s Pushing Limits’

Lifetime has always been horny for the holidays, but now the network is finally letting its festive freak flag fly. Premiering on Saturday, Dec. 9 (8/7c), Lifetime ‘s A Cowboy Christmas Romance is “the first Christmas movie that has a sex scene,” star Jana Kramer revealed during the Nov. 27 episode of her Whine Down podcast, even dropping a hint about her big scene with co-star Adam Senn: “We’re on this — spoiler alert — he lays me down on some hay, and then we, you know … obviously it’s still Lifetime, it’s still family, but it’s pushing limits there, too.”

Written by Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy), the movie stars Kramer as Lexie Crenshaw, a big-time real estate “closer” who reluctantly returns to her Arizona hometown to convince a rancher (Senn) to give up his land. Literal cowboy boot knocking ensues.

Jana Kramer Teases Lifetime ’s First-Ever Christmas Movie Sex Scene
Drew joined Kramer for this episode of the podcast, during which she defended the movie’s more passionate moments.

“I put it all in there,” she says. “I was like, ‘Don’t take the steam and the sex away from me, I wrote it on purpose, I want it in there.’”

And much to Kramer’s surprise, Lifetime “didn’t cut anything,” adding that she’s “so happy that they left it all in there.”

Oh, did we forget to mention that Kramer was pregnant during the filming of this movie? Needless to say, she did ask herself at one point: “How are we going to do this with the baby belly?” (That’s true movie magic right there.)

Tia Maggini, Lifetime’s senior vice president of scripted content, released a statement to our sister site Variety shortly after Kramer and Drew’s comments made the rounds online

“We think that there’s an audience out there that’s hungry for grown-up romance, and we’re looking forward to adding some smolder to the usual holiday sugar and spice. We love trying new things, and we’re excited about this new ‘first’ for us for a holiday movie.”

A Hallmark Christmas Movie With a Sex Scene? Don’t Hold Your Breath

“In a Christmas movie? No,” Hallmark Media’s EVP of programming Lisa Hamilton Daly told Variety. “Our movies are very much leading up to that final kiss. It’s all built up to that.”

“Some of those kisses go a little longer, they get a little spicier, but we are never going to be anything but pretty much PG,” she added. “I consider us to be pretty living room friendly. You know your kids are never going to walk in and you’d have to turn it off.”

Will you join Kramer and Senn for a roll in the hay next weekend? Drop a comment with your thoughts on A Cowboy Christmas Romance below.

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Source: TV Line

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