Il Commissario Ricciardi: There will be a Season 3!

Il Commissario Ricciardi 3 si farà, quando esce la terza stagione: Lino Guanciale «Abbiamo tanto materiale per le nuove puntate»

Despite declining ratings, there will be a Season 3 for Il Commissario Ricciardi. The adventure is set to continue, also thanks to the presence of the other books already written by Maurizio De Giovanni. We had talked about it during the presentation of the new episodes about the possibility of seeing a spin-off on Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi in the future. But before this project, all to be confirmed, the seasons go on in chronological order. Currently, De Giovanni tops the charts with “Caminito,” the latest chapter in the saga. To date, “Il senso del dolore,” “La condanna del sangue,” “Il posto di ognuno,” “Il giorno dei morti.” “Vipera,” and “In fondo al tuo cuore” have been adapted for television. Adding to the other four in Season 2, “Febbre,” “Anime di vetro,” “Serenata senza nome,” and “Rondini d’inverno.”


When will Il Commissario Ricciardi Season 3 be released?

In a recent interview Lino Guanciale talked about the future of the drama “We have a lot of material to make season 3.” But then he did not promise anything about the timing “I am busy with a Sky series “Un’estate fa” and I would also like to go back to theater, as well as devote myself to my family.”

However, adhering to traditional timelines, the set will be reopened by the end of this year and then arrive on Rai 1 with new episodes in early 2025. “Per mano mia”, “Il purgatorio dell’angelo”, “Il pianto dell’alba”, “Caminito”, “L’ultimo passo di tango” are still available to adapt.

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Source: Piper Spettacolo Italiano

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