How much do you know This Is Us couples? Quiz

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Love and family are two main topics of the NBC family drama, This Is Us. Every season shows us the development of a series of love relationships, some more successful than others. Let’s find out with our new This Is Us quiz if you remember well the twist and turns of the This is us’ couples!

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Jack and Rebecca, the parents of the Pearson family, are the perfect couple, the ideal all of us would like to achieve in a relationship, even though they had ups and downs as well. Unfortunately, though, life isn’t all roses and flowers, there are also shorter but equally important relationships like that between Kevin and Madison in Season 5, or long but bankruptcy like that between Toby and Kate, who in one way or another find themselves on opposite sides. Show us how much you remember of the various developments of This Is Us couple by testing yourself with our quiz here below…

This quiz no longer exists

Share your results on how well you know This Is Us couples in the comments and may the best win!

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