Heart for the Holidays premieres on November 2 on BET+!


Heart for the Holidays starring Erica Peeples and Kyle Lowder will premiere November 2 on BET+. Let’s take a first look!

heart for the holidays


Hardworking businesswoman Rachel travels to the small town of Cheverly for a life-saving heart transplant. Fate connects her with a heart donor, Ms. Sims, who tragically dies in a car accident. In Cheverly, Rachel crosses paths with Amy, who also received an organ from the same donor. As Rachel attempts to leave the town, an inexplicable force keeps her bound to Cheverly, and she discovers a deep affection for the community. Amidst her journey, Rachel unexpectedly falls in love with Scott, Amy’s brother.


Erica Peeples, Kyle Lowder, Starletta DuPois, Chuck Inglish, Lanelle Cooper, Leila Weisberg, and introducing Asia Harmony.

Director: David Mitch Parks

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Source: IMDb

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