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Hallmark Channel has a new season of an old gem coming: The Way Home Season 2 follows the lives of three generations of women – respectfully played by Andie MacDowell (Maid), Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy) & Sadie Laflamme-Snow – in a single family with a time travel curveball thrown in. On Sunday, February 25th, Episode 5, Long Time Gone of The Way Home Season 2 is airing on Hallmark Channel. Let’s take a first look!

Evan Williams (Blonde, “Versailles”) and Sadie Laflamme-Snow (“The Apprentice”), Alex Hook (“I am Frankie”), Al Mukadam (“Pretty Hard Cases,” “The Detail), Samora Smallwood (Star Treck), Jefferson Brown (Masters of Romance, “Slasher”) and David Webster (Luckiest Girl Alive, “In the Dark”) also star.


Hallmark Channel hasn’t released any synopsis or details for The Way Home Season 2 Episode 5 yet. Keep following us – we’ll upload more as soon as released by Hallmark!

Founder’s Day in Port Haven brings up memories for Del, Alice and Elliot; Kat finds herself caught between two worlds in her search for answers.

“Ooh, that’s a big bomb,” Leigh told TV Insider of that secret

“The window we have into the past in Season 1 is very idyllic. Even the lighting is different. It’s sort of golden and draped in nostalgia and is such a kind of wish fulfillment for Alice, and for the audiences, I think,” said Williams. “And so in Season 2, we turn that on its head a little bit, and we realize that the people who are back in that period don’t exist in a picture frame. They’re not in some sort of memory idea. They’re real people, and they have flaws and potentially make mistakes that could have really big ramifications for especially Alice because of how important it’s to her.”

Laflamme-Snow liked the challenge she had playing Alice being in the dark about what happened. “I didn’t know until it was happening what it was going to be. And I think that having a sneak peek into that audience experience has made me really excited for just what people are going to feel going along with that,” she explained.

The stars shared that the reveal will come before the finale, allowing the show to explore the ramifications for Kat, Alice, and Elliot and their relationships. “There are so many revelations this season. That’s just one of many that are going to flip things upside down,” Williams teased.

Also, still to come? The reveal of what led to Kat (a.k.a. the White Witch) running through the woods—barefoot! Leigh was sure to emphasize—in 1814, as teased in Season 1. “We do watch the entire sequence of how she gets into the woods, why she’s running, why these people are chasing her. You see the entire thing,” promised Leigh. “It is a wild ride.”

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Hallmark Channel hasn’t released any specific promotional pictures for The Way Home Season 2 Ep5 yet. Keep following us – we’ll upload them as soon as released by Hallmark!


Hallmark Channel hasn’t released any promo or sneak peek for The Way Home Season 2 Ep5 yet. Keep following us – we’ll upload them as soon as released by Hallmark!

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