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How to Make It in America star Bryan Greenberg is making his directorial debut with the opioid drama Junction – The film about Big Pharma and its impact on American health care, which Greenberg also wrote and stars in, has an ensemble cast led by One Tree Hill stars Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton, Jamie Chung, Michaela Conlin and Hill Harper, which recently welcomed Griffin Dunne, Dascha Polanco and Ashley Madekwe. Verdi Productions and Public School Productions are producing.

Griffin Dunne
Griffin Dunne Joins Sophia Bush, Jamie Chung In Bryan Greenberg ’s ‘Junction’ Opioid Drama!

Greenberg’s Junction addresses the opioid crisis in America from three different points of view: the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, a doctor and a patient. Each character comes face to face with their decisions and their role in the epidemic.

Greenberg will also star in the film, which is set to shoot this spring in Rhode Island. Chad A. Verdi (The Irishman) is producing along with Aaron Kaufman (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For), Anthony Gudas, Michelle Verdi, Chad Verdi Jr., Paul Luba, and Scott Annan and Thomas Sandgaard of The Sandgaard Foundation.

“This is a very personal story to me, as I’m sure it will be for millions of people who have found themselves affected by this crisis. I’m honored to be working alongside the Verdi team, Aaron Kaufman, Anthony Gudas, and The Sandgaard Foundation to bring my vision to life,”

Brian Greenberg said in a statement.

Chad Verdi’s VMI Releasing has acquired the opioid crisis drama “Junction”

Under VMI releasing, “Junction” is slated for a theatrical and VOD release on Jan. 24.

“The cast of ‘Junction’ has been nothing short of spectacular,” Verdi previously said. “We’ve been very lucky to have such notable talent respond to Bryan’s amazing script.”

Shot in Rhode Island, the film was produced by Verdi Productions and Public School Productions, with Andre Relis, J.D. Beaufils, Tom DeNucci, Charles Hertzfeld, Ramin Arani, Scott Annan, and Thomas Sandgaard of the Sandgaard Foundation serving as executive producers. Along with Greenberg, Chad A. Verdi, Aaron Kaufman, Anthony Gudas, Michelle Verdi, Chad A. Verdi Jr., Paul Luba and Garrett Bates produce.


Junction addresses the modern day opioid crisis in America, and asks how did this happen, from three different points of view. The CEO of a pharmaceutical company, a doctor, and a patient.

“I went in for routine surgery and I got prescribed OxyContin and I became somewhat addicted, and it was really hard getting off of them,” Greenberg exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, January 23, while promoting Junction. “don’t know, it made me question how a system got put in place to make addicts out of innocent people like myself.”

“I just wanted to understand why seemingly good people would do these terrible things and was really interested in the characters more than the opioid part of it,” he told Us. “It was the people that I was more interested in, set in that opioid world.”

While Greenberg was creating the different personalities, he got a better understanding of his characters.

“I really wanted to look into that and explore that, why you do the wrong thing for the right reasons. The doctor who prescribed [the pills] doesn’t want to see her patients suffer anymore. That’s a genuine, real problem,” he said. “And pain is subjective, and your pain level is different than my pain level. So, if someone says they’re at a 10 and she wants to prescribe them, she doesn’t want to see her patients suffer.”

“I wanted to direct to see if I was good at it and to see if I would like it. And turns out I’m hooked,” he shared. “So, I hope I get a chance to do more of it. I really enjoy the process. It was so fulfilling.”

Bryan Greenberg Made ‘Personal Calls’ to Get ‘One Tree Hill’ Costar Sophia Bush

“Everybody in this, for the most part, I’ve worked with,” Greenberg, 45, exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, January 23, of casting his new movie Junction. “I’m not getting a cast like this if I didn’t make personal calls. You don’t get a cast like this on this kind of budget. It just doesn’t happen. So I am truly grateful for everybody who came to play and all my friends are super talented, including Sophia Bush.”

Greenberg, who wrote, directed and acts in the new film, explained that he instantly thought of Bush, 41, as one of the stars because she’s “very socially active.”

“[Sophia’s] been such a great leader for social justice and causes, so I thought this would really resonate with her,” Greenberg explained. “And thankfully it did. And she just brought it. She was so incredible in this film and heartbreaking.”

“I wouldn’t have cast all those people if I didn’t think they were amazing. So I kind of just stayed out of their way and I nudged them towards new ideas that I had,” Greenberg said of directing his inner circle, noting he tried to approach every department with “no ego” as it was his directorial debut and decided to let the “best idea” win.

He joked, “The only person that gave me a lot of grief was my wife, Jamie. No, I’m kidding.” Greenberg quipped, “I like being directed by me!” (Greenberg and Chung, 40, wed in 2015. They announced in October 2021 that they secretly welcomed twin boys.)


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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