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Iconic, tenacious, sensitive but also funny character. We can easily say that Cristina Yang won the heart of all fans of TV’s longest-running medical drama, Grey’s AnatomyAnd what about you, are you so fans of Cristina Yang to remember all the key points of her story? Find out with our quiz!

Cristina Yang - Wikipedia
Sandra Oh in Grey’s Anatomy – Credit: ABC

For ten glorious seasons Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) was the most outstanding cardio surgeon on the small screen. Since the debut of Grey’s Anatomy, the character has climbed the hospital hierarchy becoming an internationally renowned doctor. Brilliant and rational, Cristina has always adopted a rigorous method to excel: she used patients as guinea pigs to hone her skills and save as many lives as possible. Together with her friend Meredith, more sentimental, she created a perfect partnership between unstable relationships, broken hearts and dance music shot at full volume to manage stress.


#1. At her exit, where’s Cristina going?

#2. How’s Cristina gonna cope with the shooting shock?

#3. Where did Cristina study before she got to Seattle Grace?

#4. Which one of these men did Cristina marry?

#5. What’s Meredith’s nickname for Cristina?

#6. What’s the name of the doctor who’s mentoring Cristina during her time in Minnesota?

#7. What do Cristina and Meredith do when they are sad?

#8. Who will she choose to be her replacement in cardio surgery after her farewell?


Share your results on how much you know about the CardioGod of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina Yang’s storyline in the comments and may the best win!

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