Good Trouble Season 5: Preview on Episode 18 – WATCH

After being delayed by the writers’ and actors’ strikes, Freeform has finally revealed that Good Trouble Season 5 midseason premiere returns on January 2. Let's take a first look!

Mariana and Callie are back for another season of all-new trouble. Here’s a first preview for Good Trouble season 5 Episode 18, entitled All this Engagements, airing February 20th.

Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 18, All this Engagements: Synopsis!

Freeform has released the logline that teases what’s happening in Good Trouble Season 5×18 All this Engagements – Let’s see!

The Coterie gathers for Callie and Jamie’s engagement celebration.

TVLINE | What was the mood like on set for the series finale? And how was it filming your final scene with Cierra after all this time?
It was very emotional. I had two days on set with everyone. The vibe was pretty good, and I think everyone was just really grateful for the experience and just kind of loving on each other, honestly. Toward the end of the last day, I don’t think we wrapped until like 3 am or something, but by that point, I was definitely emotional, and the last scene we filmed was the last scene of the show. If you know the show, you know that we like to turn on the waterworks. [Laughs] We get pretty sentimental. So there were a lot of parallels [with] the dialogue that we’re saying and our own kind of moving on from the show for Maia and Cierra and the rest of the cast. So it was definitely emotional, but a really, really good closure, I think, for us, and I think the fans are going to be very, very satisfied.

TVLINE | Did the series end the way you hoped it would? Was this the ending you envisioned for it?
It was. I mean, I would’ve liked for us to have some more episodes. [Laughs] But I’m really glad we were able to shoot what we did film, and I feel really good about where all the characters have ended up. I can’t really say much more than that. I feel very satisfied. I think the fans are going to be really, really happy with the closure, and I think we’re seeing the girls off in a really good place.

TVLINE | Is there anything at all you can tease about the series finale and what’s in store?
[Laughs] Well, let me think… I guess I can say that there is one big last Coterie dinner that almost resembles the dinner that we had in the pilot. So there’s a few kind of parallels between the first episode and our finale. Maybe there’s a resurgence of the Coterie anthem, a little dancing involved, but it does feel kind of celebratory.

TVLINE | I think in the engagement party episode, there’s the most Fosters family members we’ve seen since probably the Brandon and Eliza goodbye episode. What was it like being back with almost everybody from that cast, minus Noah Centineo, obviously?
It was amazing. It was so much fun. I think that the AD department had a tough time wrangling everyone during that week just because we were all so excited to be catching up. The vibe was just amazing. It’s always so good to see everyone, and having David [Lambert] and Hayden [Byerly] there and all our other guest stars, it was really, really, really fun. I love those guys, and when we’re together, it just honestly feels like no time has passed, except Hayden’s like four feet taller. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I love the line that Callie has, like, “Are Jesus and Emma ever coming back?”
[Laughs] Yeah. I think Noah was busy, like, in Copenhagen or somewhere fancy.

TVLINE | What surprised me was that we even got a cameo from Bailee Madison as Sophia, because I didn’t think we’d be seeing her again. It had been so long.
I know! Well, that was my whole thing. I was like, “If we’re doing an engagement party, she’s got a whole sister that we need to hear from.” So I think she was shooting something, somewhere, but she was willing to do a little Facetime cameo, which was amazing. It’s always fun to give the Fosters fans those little nuggets, throughout, because it’s just so exciting.

TVLINE | It did make me wonder, though, where Callie’s biological father was.
Yeah. Well, she’s got two dads. She got a kind of like raised dad and then a biological dad. But we don’t mention them. It’s all about the mamas. [Laughs]

TVLINE | That was a really moving and beautiful moment when she was thanking them and her family for, basically, giving her the life that she has now.
I know, and it was just so nice to see Callie and how far she’s come celebrated, in a way. We got that moment with her just to see exactly how far she’s come, and how much the Fosters family gave her and her kind of growth. It was a really beautiful scene and, actually, a really beautiful episode in that way, just seeing all of her growth and the family back together.

Good Trouble Callie/Jamie

TVLINE | And of course, it’s always great to see Jamie and Callie together.
I love them. I’m so proud of them. I’m so happy that the show is ending, and they’re together, and we know that they’re in D.C., just, like, having a functional relationship. It’s so good.

TVLINE | When they introduced the character of Jamie on The Fosters, and the two of them had that almost like love/hate sort of relationship, did you ever think that they would end up here, together and about to get married?
Oh, my God. I mean, to think that Beau [Mirchoff] and I were filming that that episode five or six years ago, seven years ago, and now we’re here, talking about their engagement, is just so crazy to me. It’s such a blessing to have been given this show, but to be given five seasons of it, I just could not have even imagined. No, I had no idea. I had no idea how lucky we’d be or that we’d be here in 2024, talking about these characters. It blows my mind.

TVLINE | All this wedding/engagement stuff is so stressful for Callie. Should she and Jamie just elope?
One thousand percent! They should totally elope! They should just go to Vegas, and call it a day, and keep Diana out of it. I think so, but Jamie’s traditional, and I think Callie is figuring out how to [be] respectful of his family but also sticking up for herself and her kind of needs, and you definitely see her battling that during the engagement party, but I think she does a good job. I mean, she has a tiny mental breakdown. [Laughs] But they overcome it, and there’s a really, really sweet scene with her and Diane, which is a really nice kind of mother-in-law/daughter-in-law moment.

TVLINE | When I spoke to Cierra, I said to her, Jamie and Callie met at Brandon and Eliza’s engagement party. So it seems fitting for Good Trouble to end with their wedding.
Yeah. Listen, I would’ve been all for a big wedding, but no comment. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You have been playing this character for the better part of a decade, which is such a rarity these days, and even after you left the series, we still got to see Callie, which was wonderful. But now, this is truly the end. So what are you going to miss most about Callie?
It really has been so incredible. It’s been more than a decade. It’s been almost 12 years that I’ve played her. So to get to play an arc that long and to see where she started, which was getting beat up in juvie, to then being engaged to someone fabulous and having her dream job as a lawyer, it’s incredible. I did some letting go when I left the show as a series regular, but I liken it to like when your parents sell your family home. So you’ve like moved out, and your life looks different, but you still like to go back home and have your parents do your laundry. [Laughs] That’s kind of the vibe.

What am I going to miss most? Aside from, honestly, working with Cierra every day, Cierra really has become a sister to me, and our personal lives are so enmeshed in the show. So I’ll definitely miss Miss Thang. Callie, specifically, I just, honestly, playing her has been just the joy of my life. She’s so forthright and so set in her morals, and she sticks up for the little guy. And like, honestly, her bravery. I often try to kind of channel her in my life, and I like to think she’s kind of maybe rubbed off on me in certain ways. But just everything about her, playing her has been a huge part of my growing up, and it feels really weird that I’m not going to be on that set, speaking her cadence and wearing her costumes, although I did raid her closet before I left the studio and I did get to steal a few little items. [Laughs] But just so much, and just being on the sets and our crew. We’ve all, for the most part, been together for the last 10 seasons. It’s a whole world behind the lens that the audience doesn’t get to see that we’re living every day, and that’s massive. A whole little community. But I also just mostly feel really, really grateful, and I’m excited to see what everyone does next.

TVLINE | Have you and Cierra talked about doing another project together, since you are so close? Or is it one of those situations where you’ve got to take some space from your sibling?
No. We don’t do space. [Laughs] Me and Cierra don’t do space. I would love to work with her again. I mean, I would love to work with her as a director. Her episode this season that she directed was incredible. I’m keen to see her tapping into that more, and I’m definitely counting on her to cast her girl, Maia. I would love to work with her in that capacity.

DEADLINE: You stepped away from being a series regular a bit ago, but how did you feel when you heard the series was actually ending?

MAIA MITCHELL: I think I did some of my letting go in a day-to-day sense when I left the show as a series regular, but coming back as often as I’ve been able to has been so amazing. I’ve always known that it’s here when I’m available and that I get to come back and play with everyone. So, I was honestly pretty heartbroken when I found out, just because it is such a family and it’s been such a constant in my life. So, it was absolutely devastating if I’m honest. I’m just really glad that they were able to shoot a proper finale and that I was able to be there for that and end the journey with Cierra. I’m super grateful and I think we’ve got a really great finale now. I’m excited for everyone to see it and just see all these storylines wrapped up in a really nice way.

DEADLINE: I really love that you’re back for a multi-episode arc this time. How did that come about?

MITCHELL: I was wrapped on another show I was doing, and so I knew I had some time. So I just let the writers know, ‘Hey, I’m down to come back for a few episodes.’ Or maybe they came to me. I don’t remember which way, but either way, I told them that I would be happy to come back and do a multi-episode arc. It’s always fun coming back and doing one episode here and there but getting to really hang out for a while and get settled in is really nice, and to have storylines that you know are a little more involved. So that was really fun. And at the time, I didn’t know that that was going to be toward the end of the final season. That was kind of just a really nice coincidence. So it worked out perfect. I had told them always that if I had time off I’d want to sneak back in and play Callie, because it’s the best job.

DEADLINE: When you jump back into the story, do you have any conversations with the writers about what Callie’s been up to that we don’t get to see? I feel like this time around especially, she seems like she’s grown so much since moving to DC and really found what she was looking for there.

MITCHELL: It’s definitely a conversation I have with Joanna Johnson. I wanted to show a version of Callie that is a little more grounded and has found her agency and found some independence. I really wanted that to come across in these episodes. So yeah, we definitely talked about how her job is going, how her and Jamie are doing while she’s there. She making friends. It’s real conversations that we have just to create a little bit of backstory that, of course, the audience doesn’t see, but I’m glad that came across.

DEADLINE: What do you think it meant for Callie to be able to help Mariana through this really traumatic situation with Silas, not just emotionally but also tangibly with that restraining order?

MITCHELL: Callie’s always been very protective of Marianna, and she’s not that much older, but she definitely feels like an older sister. She’s always been protective. So I’m seeing her be able to use her legal chops against Silas is very satisfying. She’s definitely a mama tiger, and, of course, the girls will always be there for each other, especially I think you see in this season. When they need [each other] most, they show up for each other. But it’s horrible to see Marianna in that state, and Cierra’s work throughout the storylines…. I’ve just been watching, and I’m so impressed with her. She’s just doing the most beautiful work…Of course, she needed Callie.

DEADLINE: Callie does always seem to come back right when Mariana really needs her.

MITCHELL: They have sister-sister intuition.

DEADLINE: My favorite episodes are always the ones where the whole Adams Foster family comes back together. How was it to shoot this engagement party episode with everyone?

MITCHELL: It was so special. I’m so glad we got that episode. And when we did. It was so fun. It’s always really great to see everyone again, And it just ends up being like a wild party. The poor AD department trying to wrangle everyone, because we’re just in the green room catching up and you kind of forget that there’s work to do because everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god.’ So excited. It was really fun. I think it’s a really fun episode. I’m really excited for everyone to see. It’s just nice for the family to be together celebrating Callie and how far she’s come. I’m really glad we got that moment with the family.

DEADLINE: It was so funny to me that Mariana was panicking about being Callie’s maid of honor, because to me it was so obvious that Callie would choose her.

MITCHELL: Of course you would ask Marianna. Callie really doesn’t have a lot of friends. She’s not the most like social girl. So there’s really no one else that would even be an option. And so I think in her mind, she probably wasn’t thinking that Marianna would even be questioning it, but it is funny to see Marianna kind of spiraling over something so obvious to Callie and it’s kind of perfect. But no, I think it’s really cute and that little scene with the surprise and the bracelet is very cute.

DEADLINE: When you think back to your time on The Fosters, how do you feel about all the stories you were able to tell?

MITCHELL: They were so groundbreaking. We’ve come so far in terms of representation and storytelling in the last, I guess, 10 years since we went to air with The Fosters. But I remember how groundbreaking it was at the time. Even just having a biracial, two mom couple at the helm of the show… I think we maybe had one of the first sex scenes between a trans man and my character Callie. There’s been so many storylines that have been really impactful, particularly from The Fosters. It’s good to see that the rest of the world has kind of taken it on and is adopting the same kind of storytelling now, but it was really groundbreaking and I’m really proud of that.

DEADLINE: Since you were also there to film the finale, what can you tease about that?

MITCHELL: It’s really emotional for everyone. But I think we’ve got a really beautiful finale. I’m really glad we were able to get back to set and really close off everyone’s chapters in a really nice way that just feels satisfying and just really lovely. I’m so glad that I was able to be included for it, and we get a nice little sister moment in there too, which is really special. think everyone should have their tissues ready. I mean, we were just crying all day. So it’s very emotional, but really, really moving and very satisfying, I think, for the fans. I’m really excited for everyone to see it, but it is bittersweet.

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Freeform hasn’t released any promotional pictures that tease what’s happening in Good Trouble Season 5×18 yet. Keep following us for more news – We’ll upload them as soon as they’re available!


Freeform hasn’t released any promo or sneak peeks that tease what’s happening in Good Trouble 5×18 All this Engagements yet. Keep following us for more news – We’ll upload them as soon as they’re available!

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