First Look at Virgin River Season 5 Holiday Episodes! – TRAILER & SPOILERS

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On November 30, the world comes together to celebrate a birth in Virgin River when the Netflix drama returns for Season 5 holiday episodes. Let’s take a first look!


The trailer for Virgin River Season 5 Holiday episodes shows us, besides Charmaine finally delivering the twins, Lizzie sharing her concern about being pregnant with Hope (“What if I can’t handle it and I’m not a good mom?”). That suggests that she is, in fact, with child.

We also mustn’t forget about Mel, who just discovered that her biological father was a resident of Virgin River. Her search begins and ends in Part 2, as she’s seen celebrating the good news at the end of the trailer. “We did it, we found my father,” she tells Jack, to which Preacher adds, “He’s still right here in Virgin River.” The million dollar question is: Will we get to meet Mel’s father in Part 2, or will that momentous occasion be saved for Season 6?

Other trailer highlights include Preacher hiding the truth about Wes from Kaia (for her own safety!), and Brie and Brady sharing a romantic moment under the mistletoe. Needless to say, drama doesn’t take a holiday in this town.

Virgin River EP Reveals Which Character Almost Came Back in Season 5 Part 2 (and Why They Didn’t)

From the music to the decor to the near-constant dramatic developments, Virgin River certainly pulled out all the stops in Season 5 Part 2, a much-needed pair of Christmas episodes now streaming on Netflix.

There was one person missing from the festivities, however, and his presence would have made things very awkward for a certain mother-to-be. We’re talking about Ricky (played by Grayson Gurnsey), last seen shipping off for basic training at the end of Season 4.

As TVLine previously confirmed with Virgin River showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, Ricky’s training was scheduled to last through December, which would have allowed him to visit home for the holidays. That timeline didn’t change, but Ricky’s vacation plans did.

“In full honesty, having him return [for Christmas] was part of the plan,” Smith tells TVLine. “But the episodes were so full already, having to answer the cliffhangers from Part 1 and then setting up the cliffhangers for Season 6, and all of the fun that we had planned.”

You may recall that Ricky left town somewhat heartbroken, finally accepting that he and Lizzie were — as Taylor Swift might say — never, ever, ever getting back together.

But don’t count Ricky out just yet! Smith says he “would love to have Ricky back” at some point, clarifying that it would have to be “for the right reasons.”

Alexandra Breckenridge Talks Mel & Jack’s Wedding, What Her Dad Said & More

This has been a tough season for Mel — the miscarriage, then everything with her biological father. Talk about Mel and Jack’s journey to parenthood. What stands out about it to you, what does it mean for their relationship, and what is the show exploring as a result?

Alexandra Breckenridge: I think that their relationship has moved quite quickly through the seasons. Mel’s big arc throughout the show is really wanting to have a family, and I think she misses the family that she lost between her mother, her father, her previous husband, and the baby, and then multiple miscarriages. So within that world, her having a family with Jack, somebody that she has found to be her best friend, feels like home for her, and it’s such an impactful relationship. He’s helped her move on from all of those losses, and they’ve bonded in such a tremendous way, even through their traumas. And so when they lose their baby, it is absolutely devastating and traumatic, and she has a very hard time coming with that at first.

You were so good in those episodes — the not telling him, then when they actually do get a chance to talk, it was so heartbreaking.

It was hard to play. But as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve, I don’t know, matured as an actress, I guess, it’s become, I think, easier for me to dive into where my character is emotionally than in the past. And especially working with somebody like Martin Henderson, who’s extremely present and available, and we’ve been working together for so many years now, it all felt like the natural progression for their storyline and their relationship. And it was sad. It was so sad. It was heartbreaking to watch as well, but I think it was an important story for us to tell.

Everything with Mel’s biological father was a rollercoaster journey because the scavenger hunt was almost fun at times; then, he turned her away and showed up at her home at the end. How does Mel feel about letting him into her life now? Because he explains the lie, sort of though he doesn’t see it as one.

Right. When she goes into finding out that she has another father, that all seems to happen quite quickly. But I think for Mel, the idea that she could possibly have a parent that’s alive is — I don’t want to say exciting, because that’s not the right term — intriguing and hopeful for her that she might have another father figure in her life. But when she goes to his house, she does anticipate that he may turn her away. He’s never looked for her. She didn’t know he existed.

Obviously, her mother made it very clear that she wanted to have her family and keep her family, and he respected that. So, there is some trepidation going in, but I don’t think that she anticipated the reaction that he gave her. And so that was really sad. I felt so bad for her when we were playing that scene out with him at the doorway, and he said, “I’m not the man you’re looking for.” I just thought, “Oh, this poor woman.” And I’m curious to see where this leads them in terms of Everett saying to Mel, “There’s something I have to tell you.” I don’t know where that’s going yet.

Did anything jump to mind when you first read that in the script? It seems ominous, and of course, my first thought is there’s something going on with his health.

To be honest, that’s what I thought as well. I was like, oh, no. But I think hopefully we’ve seen enough of that for her; to have another parent just die again would be — well, we’ll see, I don’t know, I don’t know the answer to that yet, so I can’t speak to it, but it should be a very interesting journey for her and Jack in Season 6, for sure.

Speaking of, Mel and Jack are solid right now — they even made it through the holidays with their families together — and it seemed like they got to relax in terms of their relationship in these two episodes because of everything else going on. Do you think they’re the most ready to get married that they have been?

Oh, yeah. I think Jack and Mel are ready to get married. They’ve definitely gone through many rollercoasters together — emotional rollercoasters, family rollercoasters, his family, her family, the loss of their daughter, their unborn daughter. It’s a lot. And I think what is beautiful about it is that you find these two people that have really found a home in each other and a best friend in each other, more so than just being in love or attracted to someone. Their intimacy is their connection through all of this.

I have to say, the scene of Mel telling Doc she wants him to walk her down the aisle was so sweet. Talk about filming that with Tim Matheson.

We knew that that was coming, and we felt that that was very obvious for her. If she didn’t ask him, it would’ve been weird. But Tim is always such a pleasure to work with, and I felt that it was endearing and it was nice to have that moment for Mel and Doc because they have a father-daughter dynamic, and I can’t wait to see the wedding episode — but where’s Everett fit into all of this is the question.

Both of them can always walk her down the aisle if that’s where her relationship with Everett is at that point.

Right. Yeah. We’ll have to see. I don’t have a crystal ball in front of me to tell you, but…

What does the ideal wedding look like for Mel at this point in her life with where she is at the end of Season 5?

I think that Mel wants to have a really beautiful but simple wedding, really just close friends and family. However, I have a feeling that the entire town is going to show up.

There’s no way that the entire town won’t show up. They will force themselves upon them.

Yeah, absolutely. I think it’ll be super… super. No, I think that when we get there — I’m hoping that we see Mel and Jack get married in Season 6, and I know that they’re planning to build a house, and I’m excited to see what kind of house they build and what kind of animals they have. She said she wanted to have a farm, so I’m curious to see where they land with that and where she lands with that in terms of being from the city; I don’t think she knows how to have animals, so we’ll have to see.

Do you think they’ll write their own vows?

Yes, for sure.

Mel and Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) dynamic was great, and it feels kind of realistic because they’re not forgetting about the past. But Mel is the best at what she does and the person you’d want if you were in labor. So, how does Mel feel about Charmaine right now?

Mel and Charmaine’s dynamic is so very layered. They really butted heads, obviously, and they have both forgiven each other for a lot of things and what they’re capable of forgiving, and they’ve found a way to understand each other in a way that, I think, a lot of times, it’s hard for us as being people to be able to put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes, but that’s led them to — I mean, how else would Mel have said, “Yes, I’ll still deliver the babies that you lied to my fiancé about?” I don’t know another person that would do that. That’s a side of Mel that I don’t really relate to because I think if someone had done that to me, I probably would have a hard time saying, “Oh, I get it. Okay.”

And how does Mel feel about Calvin (David Cubitt) being the twins’ father and keeping that from Jack?

I’m sure she feels that it’s dangerous. It’s very dangerous. He’s a dangerous person, obviously. She’s had firsthand experience with him at the pot camp, so she knows what kind of man he is and the position that that’s putting them in. I don’t think that Mel likes to keep secrets from Jack. I’m waiting for her to tell him. I’m sure she’ll end up telling him, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

What can you say about what you know about Season 6?

I don’t know very much about Season 6, I think we’re looking towards a wedding — at least, I hope so. I hope that doesn’t end up in some kind of cliffhanger. We’ll see. Or maybe that’s fun? …I know that there’s going to be some interesting dynamics between Mel’s new relationship, potential relationship with her biological father and her getting back into the clinic and starting up the birthing center, and then just how everything looks in home life with Jack.

Are there any characters you’d like to have Mel interact with more in the season?

I feel like Mel hasn’t really interacted with Hope [Annette O’Toole] very much recently. There’s a lot of characters. We sort of have all split off into our own storylines, and Mel kind of touches upon most of the characters every now and then, but more interactions with Doc and Brie [Zibby Allen]. I’m just anticipating how many birthing scenes I’m going to have to do.

And you never know who could show up at that center.

I know! You never know.

I assume we’ll get Mel and Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) stuff then.

Oh yes, absolutely. I’m sure there’s plenty of storylines, but I am not sure exactly how much into the future we’re going or how far along she’ll be in her pregnancy.

‘Virgin River’ Boss Talks That Cliffhanger With Mel & Her Father, Plus What’s Next for Romances

All Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) wanted for the holidays was a family reunion with the biological father she didn’t know was from Virgin River. Unfortunately — though exactly what we’d expect from the Netflix romantic drama — that wasn’t so easy.

Rather, what followed was a Virgin River scavenger hunt until she finally ended up at Everett’s door … only for him to claim he wasn’t the man she was looking for. Later, he shows up at her door and explains, “You look so much like your mom. Seeing you just broke my heart all over again. I didn’t know what to say.” He didn’t see what he said as a “lie” because “I’m not the man who wrote those letters, not anymore anyway, not since your mom died. I suppose you feel that, too, in some way. Look, I don’t know what you wanted to say to me or what you wanted me to say back. I don’t know if you wanted me in your life or just wanted to ask me for a kidney or something. But either way, I am your father, and I’m here now.” He gave her her mother’s letters, then said he had “something important” he needed to tell her.

But what did he say? TV Insider tried to get that answer (and others) out of showrunner Patrick Sean Smith.

Everything with Mel and her dad was really moving to watch over these two episodes, from her search to find him to the way that he reacts to him coming around at the end. What did you want to do with that journey leading up to that final scene?

Patrick Sean Smith: Knowing that we only had the two episodes, we had to be judicious in just how far we could go into that storyline. I think we wanted to see Mel’s optimism, but we also wanted to see Everett’s reticence to connecting with her. As we get to know his character more in Season 6, we’ll get a sense that he is chosen to live off the grid. He’s really removed himself from society, and we’ll find out it’s for very emotional reasons. So I think that’s part of the conflict in Season 6, is Mel enjoying this relationship and him having to grow in order to meet her where she is.

And you get that sense of living off the grid just from the one photo that she can find of him — it’s with the trophy in front of his face.


What can you say about what he needs to tell her at the end there? I feel like that’s very ominous, but maybe no?

That was the effect that we wanted. You’ll have to watch Season 6 to figure out what happens there.

Can you say if it has to do with his health or with something else?


So which one?

No, no, no. Nope. You’ll have to watch Season 6.

Mel and Jack (Martin Henderson) were solid in these episodes. What can you say about a wedding in Season 6? And are they the most ready they’ve been to get married, not just because more time has passed, but because of what they’ve been through?

Yeah, I would say so. And I think that as their parenthood journey will be ongoing in the series, it seems like their wedding and getting married is probably foremost on their mind in Season 6.

Did they have to have that parenthood journey and tragedy in order to be ready to be married?

That was the opportunity that I saw in the events of Season 5, was really kind of having them go through something really difficult together. But to see what Mel and Mark [Daniel Gillies] went through that was ultimately their undoing that she and Jack grew stronger for was always my intention.

As we see at the end, Lark (Elise Gatien) can’t be trusted. What can you say about what Jimmy (Ian Tracey) has her doing with Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth)?

Well, they have history, so I think Jimmy’s looking for revenge and Brady’s in the crosshairs. That’s a lot of what we’re looking at in Season 6 is just this relationship that he has with this woman who he puts all of his trust in, but at the same time, there’s always Brie (Zibby Allen).

Is there any part of the relationship with Lark on her side that is real?

You’ll have to see Season 6.

Brie is with Mike (Marco Grazzini), but there was that moment with Brady and the mistletoe, even though that they ended the season both with other people. Then there’s a matter of the truth about Lark. Brie could go back to Brady or stay with Mike. So what are the feelings and conflicts we’re going to see from the triangle going forward with what you’ve set up?

With Brie, she is seeing an opportunity of being with a good man like Mike, but with Brady, he’ll always be an important person in her life and they’re always going to have that connection and that chemistry. So there’s a lot of push-pull in Season 6 between those dynamics, while also Brady is sort of barreling towards this realization that Lark is taking advantage of him. I think we’ll feel like there’s always hope for Brady and Brie.

And it seems like Brady is getting closer to being the man that Brie wants him to be. And Mike may be seeing that, too, which then complicates things because Mike and Brady have history.

Exactly. And I think all of that we’ll explore in Season 6, especially the history.

Hope (Annette O’Toole) and Doc (Tim Matheson) renewing their vows — what makes this the right time for them to do that? I loved that moment so much.

Oh, good, good. It was something that had happened in a prior season, and I think it was hard to find the opportunity to do it, so it felt perfect to do it during the holidays. They’re such a lovely couple and to get to tell their storylines when so many shows aren’t exploring older couples’ romantic relationships… So anytime we get to do that, and Tim and Annette are some of the best actors in the business, so getting to work with them has been a dream. I think that in Season 6, we’ll continue on that path.

Calvin’s (David Cubitt) the father of Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) twins. What does that mean, not only for those two, but also for Mel, Jack and perhaps all of Virgin River?

Mel’s promise to Charmaine that she wants to support her keeping Calvin out of her boys’ lives becomes a promise that will have bigger consequences down the road, given who Calvin is.

I really like what you did with Mel and Charmaine in these episodes, to see where they’ve gotten to this point after everything else.

Oh, thank you. I really appreciate that. I’m really proud of that. I love the way Alex played it when she delivers the twins, that it should probably be a little bittersweet for her considering the struggles that she’s had with her fertility issues. But she seems genuinely happy for Charmaine because she sees Charmaine is incredibly moved in that moment. So it was one of my favorites.

And you got to do a little bit of humor with the Jack of it, too.

Oh, yeah. We were like, how’s Jack going to react to this, given everything? And we were like, let’s go lighter. And I think in general, these two episodes I definitely wanted to feel lighter and more of a two-hour holiday gift to the fans, given the intensity of Season 5.

Wes’ body has been found and ID’ed. What can you say about how Preacher (Colin Lawrence) will react and what this means for his relationship with Kaia (Kandyse McClure)?

Their relationship is going to be tested and put through the ringer of the pressure that Preacher will be under, given this moment from his past where he wanted to help Paige [Lexa Doig]. It will definitely be a make or break moment for Preacher and Kaia.

Is there anyone that Preacher’s going to be able to talk to about all of this? He’s not telling anyone the whole story.

Yeah, the question at the end of the holiday episodes was, how much will he tell Kaia as it starts to blow up? And we’ll do a bit of a time jump, so in Season 6, more people will be privy to what happened and the plight that he’s in given it.

And so we’ll be getting more Preacher and Jack scenes? I love that dynamic.

Me too. Me too.

Cameron (Mark Ghanime) and Muriel (Teryl Rothery) have some things to figure out about their relationship and future together, and I like the honesty and trying to be realistic about kids/not having kids. What did you enjoy about putting them together and the places that’s allowing you to take them with these conversations they have to have?

Muriel is such a light, and after pursuing Doc for the time that she did and to have that not come to fruition, it was just exciting to be able to bring her into somebody else’s life romantically and to see what that was like. And given Cameron might have had a crush on Mel in the beginning, and then that didn’t happen, it felt like they kind of were unlucky in love and then to throw them both into this May-December relationship was a lot of fun.

Doing the musical number during the holiday episodes was a lot of fun. Teryl choreographed that herself. They’ve been a really fun couple. But the truth has always been since Cameron came to Virgin River, he wanted to find love and he wanted to start a family, and I’m glad that we played it in a realistic way because that’s kind of hard to overcome as a couple. So it’s a question of how that will affect them, and we’ll answer that in Season 6.

Speaking of Season 6, is there anything else you can preview about it besides what you’ve said so far?

It’s amazing. [Laughs]

Of course. The first five seasons have been amazing.

We’ll continue on the amazing trend. We’re still kind of in the room. We had that time off during the strike, so we’re back in it. But yeah, it’s hard to say anything too specific that I think would be meaningful enough for you to write down, so I’ll leave it at amazing.

There was just something so fun about the Virgin River holiday episodes after recent happenings on the Netflix romantic drama, and that’s a sentiment star Martin Henderson shares.

“I thought they were my favorite, actually. It was so fun to do, particularly after I think this Season 5 was relatively heavy with what the characters all went through with the fire and the miscarriage,” he tells TV Insider. “There was just so much. I think previous seasons were probably more feel good throughout the whole, whereas this had some much more contentious stuff going on and to sort of then be released back into the really fun, joyful Christmas stuff at the end felt really good.”

But it wouldn’t be Virgin River without some drama. Below, Henderson ponders what’s next when it comes to some of those big moments, as well as shares what he knows about Season 6 and his thoughts on Jack’s ideal wedding.

How might Jack react to finding out Calvin (David Cubitt) is the father of Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) twins and that Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) is keeping that secret for Charmaine?

Martin Henderson: Yeah, I don’t know. It’s funny because I have my idea of how I think Jack would react, but then ultimately, the writers will write whatever they think would happen, and it’s not always the same. So we’ll wait and see what they decide.

I actually thought Jack would’ve been less forgiving with Charmaine at the beginning of Season 5 when he was trying to wrap his head around that betrayal and says, “I don’t want anything to do with the woman.” And then Mel suggests, “Well, in order to move on for yourself, you got to forgive her,” and blah, blah. Then they have this sort of apology at the end, and that’s it. I was like, oh, I don’t think Jack would’ve come to that decision quite as easily or quickly. So I don’t know. Sometimes you get surprised by what I believe the character’s feelings are and then how the writers articulate that.

But it is an interesting point because Mel and Jack said they would never keep anything from each other, and then here she is, keeping this giant [thing] from him. So who knows? The writers might conveniently forget that little pact or just have it not come up in the conversation. But I think that could be a really fun thing to explore with the characters. Now they’re at this stage where they’re engaged to get married, they’re making this commitment, and they’re setting the ground rules for their relationship, and they’re talking about what the boundaries are and what aspects of trust that they have to both have in order to feel safe. And you could argue that this is a little betrayal of that pact, and it’s one of those complicated things because yes, she’s made a promise to Jack, but now she’s made a promise to Charmaine, and she can’t do both at the same time. So where do her loyalties lie? We’ll wait and see.

Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson in 'Virgin River'

Courtesy of Netflix

What does the ideal wedding look like for Jack at this point?

One of the things I like about Jack is he’s a very humble kind of guy. I like that he’s not a showy man. There’s something very grounded about him. He’s very at home in Virgin River. He chose to make that his home. He doesn’t drive a flashy car. There’s just something quite grounded about him. So I hope the wedding would reflect that. But at the end of the day, I think if Mel insists on something a little more glamorous, then I can’t imagine he would deny her that.

Best man — Preacher (Colin Lawrence)?

I think it would have to be, yeah. I love working with Colin.

I love that dynamic so much. It’s so good to see that, because then you have the flip side with Jack and Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) and that dynamic.

I wonder if Brady will be in one of the groomsmen or not. We’ll see what happens between now and the wedding.

Yeah, because Brady is becoming kind of the man that everyone wants him to be. He’s maturing.

Right, but how much of it is just to ingratiate himself or get his girl back, and that sort of corrupted aspect of his character, can it be seduced? [All of that] is really lovely. I think it’s a really cool character because you’re like, will he be a good or a bad guy? He could flip both ways. You could believe him doing either now, which I think is kind of fun, to sort of see how external circumstances affect him.

What can you say about Season 6? 

Yeah, there’s some good ones, but I don’t want to give it away. We jump forward a little bit, I believe, although now that the strike and everything has changed our shooting, we’re going to be shooting in winter, and so that might affect some of the creative decisions about the timeline, about where the show will sit. But I’m pretty sure we’re jumping a little bit forward, so I think it’ll be quite fun for the audience to leap forward a little bit with the characters, because the last five seasons essentially took place over about nine months, give or take. It would be fun to just leap the characters a little bit further forward, and it’ll be fun to see where we find Mel and Jack, let’s just say that.

What does Jack think of how everything went down with Mel’s biological father (John Allen Nelson)? There was that tease at the end that he has something to tell her, which seemed ominous, and this is directly going to affect Jack because now here’s someone who will be part of their lives.

My understanding is that relationship between Mel and her father will be evolving throughout Season 6, and I believe that it will present some drama between Jack and her father. There’s a little bit of stuff that they have to work through, particularly if he’s going to remain in Mel’s life. And if these guys do get married, then they have to sort that out. So there’s some nice kind of in-law drama that I think we’re going to see play out, but in a really thoughtful manner, too. It’s not just soapy drama. I think the writers are going a bit deeper than that. And I think it’s going to be quite compelling because most people can relate to in-law stuff, because you marry your partner and then all of a sudden, you’re basically married to their family as well. That can be a good thing, but it can also be a challenge because you might not necessarily agree on their politics or their values, and that can create some good drama. I think the show is going to examine some of that stuff.

Who do you want to see Jack interact with more in Season 6?

I’ve been really hoping that we’d see a little bit more of Jack and Hope (Annette O’Toole), because it felt to me when the show started — and we’ve met Jack’s mom now, but she’s down in Sacramento —that it was set up that Hope and Jack had almost like a mother-son dynamic, and I enjoyed that, but that never really went anywhere over the last few seasons. So I’d love to see that develop because I just think there’s something really sweet about that. And, to your point, Preacher, hopefully there’ll be some nice interactions between Jack and Preacher leading up to [Jack and Mel] getting married. Because I really love that friendship, and I just love Colin so much. He’s such a sweet, lovely guy. He’s so easy to work with.

Annette O'Toole, Tim Matheson, Kai Bradbury, Sarah Dugdale, Martin Henderson, and Alexandra Breckenridge in 'Virgin River'

Courtesy of Netflix

And I think Preacher’s going to need someone to lean on with what’s going on right now in his life.

Absolutely. So yeah, I’d like to see those friendships strengthened a bit. Because that’s ultimately what the show is all about, right? It’s about community and people supporting each other and certainly in times of need, so I’m sure we’ll see more of that.

And I’m curious to see how the writers play out the Brady-Jack thing. I think Jack’s been burnt by Brady so many times in Iraq in a serious manner, even though Jack took on the blame for that. He also knows that a lot of that loss that occurred was due to Brady’s insubordination and lack of respect. And when he came back, he stole from Jack and then he lied. So I feel like that relationship has been so fraught with hurt and betrayals that it’ll be interesting to see Jack negotiate this return of Brady and how he’s going to prove his good character, whilst now he’s embroiled in this relationship with Lark (Elise Gatien) and her basically being a little proxy for Jimmy (Ian Tracey). It’s going to be really cool to see how all that plays out, too.

‘Virgin River’ Boss & Stars on How Long Series Will Last

For showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, there’s “no end in sight,” he told TV Insider. “I think as long as these characters are living their lives, and we’re telling the stories in deep personal emotional ways, then I hope the series can continue on for many, many, many seasons to come.”

After all, Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) just met her biological father — whose ominous “I have something to tell you” is taking us into Season 6 — and she and Jack (Martin Henderson) have yet to get married. (It’s coming!)

Breckenridge is a bit more realistic about the series’ future, pointing out, “We are on Netflix, so we don’t know.” In fact, she added, “I always said from Season 1 that we were going to get canceled immediately just because that was sort of the model at the time. It was like there was a season or three seasons, then [a show was canceled], but we keep going.”

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge in 'Virgin River' Season 5


Henderson, too, has wondered about the show’s longevity. “Honestly, when we first started the show, I don’t think anybody [thought it would last as long as it has]. You just try to get through the first season and hope that it’s good and that people like it, and maybe you’ll get another season, maybe you’ll do three,” he said. “But we’re getting ready to do Season 6. It’s quite unusual, and I wouldn’t have anticipated necessarily that we would’ve come this far.”

Breckenridge knows that the show will end at some point, and this should be good news for fans: Chances are that we’ll know ahead of time. Presumably, that means that they’ll be able to write a proper ending, rather than leaving fans with a cliffhanger and no closure. “I think at this point, going into Season 6, there definitely will be a time where, if we are going to close out the series, we’ll say we’re closing out the series, and we will let the fans know ahead of time as you do with a successful show after so many seasons,” the star said.

But are Breckenridge and Henderson ready to say goodbye to Mel, Jack, and the world of Virgin River? “It’s beautiful in Vancouver. I love filming there. I love the cast; I love our crew. Over the years, you really do become like a family when you’re working with such lovely people. So obviously, I would not want to give that up, but there always is an ending point, right? And I do look forward to working on other things in the future,” shared Breckenridge. “I haven’t really worked on many things since I started the show. I [worked] on This is Us every now and then, but not really anything else. So I would like to sink my teeth into something eventually.”

So what would she like to do? “Maybe Netflix will put me in one of their movies.”

As for Henderson, he’s interested as long as there are good scripts. “One thing I really don’t like is when writers change a character midway through a show — they run out of ideas, they just start trying to throw new things in there to keep it interesting, and they betray the character,” he explained. “As long as that doesn’t happen, I think I’d be happy playing the role, but I wouldn’t want to get into that territory where you start doing gimmicky things just to keep it on the air, just to keep it interesting or fresh. If it starts to lose its authenticity, then I think I would probably bow out at that point.”

After all, Henderson is a fan of his character the way he is now. “One of the things I like about the character is he’s clearly a fantasy of a man,” he said. “He is very charming and romantic and loyal and strong and noble, and he’s a leader, and he’s very altruistic in his service to his country, to his community. He has all these really heroic qualities, but he also has a lot of demons that he’s dealing with, and he has things that trouble him, and he has a lot of vulnerable moments, not necessarily publicly, but stuff that the audience sees him deal with. And I think that’s really interesting. So, as long as the character remains interesting to play, I could see myself doing it for a bit longer.”


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Source: TV Line

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