First look at May 2024 Lifetime movies! – SCHEDULE


Lifetime has revealed its May 2024 movies schedule.

Cruise Ship Murder

Premiere Date: Sunday May 25th

Synopsis: After her aunt is found dead having mysteriously fallen overboard on a cruise ship, Olivia is thrown into rough seas as her uncle’s secret past is brought to life and more deaths occur.

Starring Skye Coyne, Ryan Carnes, Matthew Pohlkamp, Carly Reeves, Gina Hiraizumi, and Tyler Price (2024).

Ice Rink Murders

Premiere Date: Sunday May 19th

Synopsis: After time away from the ice, elite figure skater Megan returns to training, only to find that a killer targeting skaters is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “cutthroat competition.” Starring Maddison Bullock and Natasha Calis (2024).

The Bad Guardian

Premiere Date: Saturday May 18th

Synopsis: The Bad Guardian is a riveting thriller about one woman’s fight to save her father from the clutches of a corrupt and greedy court-appointed “guardian”. When Leigh’s (Melissa Joan Hart) father Jason (Eric Pierpoint) suffers a fall while she’s out of town, the courts assign Jason a guardian, Janet (La La Anthony). At first Janet seems to be a big help to Jason, but things quickly take a terrible turn. Janet is legally in charge of every aspect of Jason’s life, and doesn’t waste any time placing him in a nursing home, auctioning off his house, all worldly possessions, and using the excuse that the proceeds are needed for his care. As Leigh continues to challenge Janet’s efforts, the guardian ultimately uses her power to prevent the family from visiting. In Janet’s care, Jason’s health deteriorates, to the point that he needs a life saving treatment which Janet decides is too expensive. As the whistleblowers around Jason meet untimely ends, Leigh finds the strength to take down the guardian and the corrupt system that supports her.

Blood, Sweat, and Cheer

Premiere Date: Sunday May 12th

Synopsis: Former cheerleader Renee tries to recapture her glory days by living vicariously through her teen daughter, Cherie. Their strained relationship sours when Cherie quits her school’s dance team and moves in with her father. Realizing she can pass for a teenager, Renee enrolls in a new high school under Cherie’s name and joins the dance team to compete in the upcoming Fall Dance Classic to win Cherie a college scholarship. But as Renee’s lies spiral, her mounting deceptions become increasingly hard to pull off. Could Renee’s frantic efforts to keep up her elaborate ruse eventually lead to murder?

Stars Tammin Sursok, and Monroe Cline (2024).

Mommy Meanest

Premiere Date: Saturday May 11th

Synopsis: Divorced mother Madelyn (Lisa Rinna) and her daughter Mia (Briana Skye) have always had a tight bond. But when Mia starts spending more time with her new boyfriend and is on the verge of leaving for college, Madelyn is panicked by her emerging independence. When Mia starts to receive a barrage of degrading texts, as a protective mother, Madelyn is determined to find out who is harassing her daughter and will do anything to help her, bringing them closer together again. As the hundreds of texts become more threatening, Mia begins to wonder if her tormentor is someone closer than she could have ever imagined. Delilah Hamlin appears in the movie as Mia’s friend Summer.

My Life is on the Line

Premiere Date: Sunday May 5th

Synopsis: When bank customer service rep Shannon bends the rules to help a desperate client transfer a large sum of money, she quickly learns that he is not who he claims to be. As she frantically tries to set things right before anyone finds out, “The Caller” turns more menacing and threatens her by using personal information that he’s gathered from their calls. Stuck in the call center, she must figure out how to outwit The Caller and survive her shift. 


Stars Andrea Pazmino, Jose Eduardo Ramos, Katelin Chesna, and Cheryl Picket (2024)

A Deadly Threat to my Family

Premiere Date: Saturday May 4th

Synopsis: When Ryan’s sister, Serena, escapes from a dangerous cult, she seeks refuge with his family to rebuild her life. Ryan’s wife, Marielle, is suspicious of Serena and doesn’t believe she’s truly reformed and her concerns grow as she sees Serena bond with her teenage daughter, Aria. When another cult member shows up on Marielle’s doorstep, she fears her daughter is their next target.


Stars Jessica Morris, Gina Vitori, Lelia Symington, Isabella Mercurio, Tyler Price, and Mark Ricketson (2024).

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