First look at May 2024 Lifetime Movie Network movies! – SCHEDULE


Lifetime Movie Network has revealed part of its May 2024 movies schedule.

Here’s a breakdown of the films:


Daddy’s Deadly Secret

Release Date: Thursday May 30 at 8/7c


About the Movie

Inspired by actual events. Ever since their divorce, Richard and Ellie have enjoyed an amicable relationship as they co-parent their daughter Abigail. Richard has even found love again, in the form of his new fiancee Caroline. Everything changes when Abigail doesn’t return from school one day. A call to Ellie reveals a terrifying truth; Abigail is missing. As Richard and Caroline try to uncover what happened to the little girl, they soon discover she may never have existed at all. 


Starring Sarah Allen, and Steve Byers (2024).

Cradle of Deception

Release Date: Thursday May 23 at 8/7c

Synopsis: Inspired by true events. When her baby is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, a widowed first-time mom races against time to find a donor, only to uncover a labyrinth of deceit that leads her back to the fertility clinic where her son was conceived. 


Starring Holly Deveaux, Matthew Dowden, and Jason Cermak (2024).

My Nanny stole my Life

Release Date: Thursday May 16 at 8/7c


A new mother begins to suspect that her nanny is scheming to steal her baby and her husband–but no one believes her due to the postpartum depression she suffered after the child was born.


Starring Jonathan Stoddard, and Katerina Eichenberger (2024).

The Manny

Release Date: Thursday May 9 at 8/7c

Synopsis: Morgan stalks his way into the lives of busy social media influencer Lani and her son, Jaylen, to become their “manny” (male nanny). As Morgan shows himself to be someone who is too good to be true, he meddles with Lani and Jaylen’s lives behind the scenes. When Lani learns that the real Morgan was murdered, she realizes her manny is a killer. After witnessing his own mother be murdered by a violent boyfriend as a child, Morgan’s goal has been to ensure mothers make their children their top priority. Unable to break from his murderous streak, Lani kills Morgan to protect herself and her son, leaving her unable to place Jaylen into anyone else’s care but her own.


Starring Michael Evans Behling, Joanne Jansen, Hailey Summer, Jamaal Grant, and Ashton Ayres (2024).

Our Mother’s Secret Affair

Release Date: Thursday May 2 at 8/7c

Synopsis: When a midnight break-in occurs at the home of Diana Parker and her daughter Francine, they soon discover that the intruder is none other than Diana’s biological daughter Kasey, given up for adoption years ago. But as shattering secrets are lain bare and shocking truths come to light, an unknown aggressor inside Diana’s circle of trust decides she is a threat to their happiness and now will do anything to stop this family reunion…including murder. Diana and her daughters must act to save each other’s lives, as a cold, remorseless killer closes in from the shadows.


Ashley Leggat, Laura Afelskie, Laura Provenzano, Andrea Pavlovic star.

The Pregnancy Scheme

Release Date: Wednesday May 1 at 8/7c

Synopsis: Inspired by true events. Pregnant and newly single, Julia faces a looming catastrophe when she loses her job. An unlikely lifeline arrives in the form of her new friend Alana, who says she knows people who would pay top dollar for positive pregnancy tests. Though initially skeptical, circumstances and Alana’s assurances that it’s all harmless eventually convince Julia to go along with the plan. Soon, however, she finds that Alana’s scheme isn’t as innocent as she thought. 


Starring Greta Carew, and Ruth Bidner.


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Source: Lifetime

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