First look at March 2024 Lifetime movies! – SCHEDULE


Lifetime has revealed its March 2024 movies schedule.

Living with My Mother’s Killer

Living with My Mother's Killer - Lifetime March 2024
Living with My Mother’s Killer – Lifetime March 2024

Premiere Date: March 30th

Still reeling from the tragic murder of her mother years ago, Mara forgives the man who killed her mother and allows him to work on her property only to find that what’s past is not always past and now her own life may be at stake.

Stars Rhiannon Fish, and Greyston Holt (2024).

My Acting Coach Nightmare

My Acting Coach Nightmare - Lifetime March 2024
My Acting Coach Nightmare – Lifetime March 2024

Premiere Date: March 24th

It’s been years since her husband passed away, and Lisa’s life finally has a solid foundation again–she has a high power job, a stable relationship with her longtime boyfriend Mark, and her teenage daughter, Sienna, is excelling in life. That is, until Sienna expresses her desire to become an actress. Reluctantly, Lisa signs Sienna up for her dream acting class. As classes come and go, it feels as though Sienna is becoming more distant from Lisa and more controlled by the coach of the acting class, Max. Could Sienna’s acting coach be grooming her for a high-powered Hollywood cult on the West Coast? Soon, Lisa finds herself racing to Hollywood save her daughter before it’s too late. 

Starring Samaire Armstrong, Cameron Jebo, Neela Jolene, and Erik von Detten.

Surviving the Sleepover

Surviving the Sleepover - Lifetime March 2024
Surviving the Sleepover – Lifetime March 2024

Premiere Date: March 23th

Having trouble fitting in at her new high school, outspoken teen Hannah is invited to a sleepover at the popular Melissa’s house, not realizing she was only invited to be the victim of a prank–but when the night turns more sinister than intended Hannah’s mother will become her only chance of surviving the night.

Stars Sloan Mannino, Dawn Marie, Jenna Hogan, Joshua Bertell, and Sage Moore (2024).

Killing for Extra Credit

Premiere Date: March 17th

Killing for Extra Credit - Lifetime March 2024
Killing for Extra Credit – Lifetime March 2024

When a mysterious social media account begins to post blind items about the scandals of a small-town high school, a troubled teen and her best friend set out to unmask the culprit–with deadly consequences.

Stars Matreya Scarrwener, Jake T. Austin, and Quinten James (2024).

Friday Night Sext Scandal

Premiere Date: March 16th

Friday Night Sext Scandal - Lifetime March 2024
Friday Night Sext Scandal – Lifetime March 2024

Inspired by real stories, Friday Night Sext Scandal exposes the practice of young boys “hunting” nude photographs of female classmates in order to share and trade with others. When 16-year-old Shawn (Anthony Timpano), a talented football athlete, lands a spot in the starting lineup, he is welcomed into the team’s inner circle. However, he soon discovers that these elite players are involved in a sick, secret game that is playing out under the noses of their community. Teenage boys are hunting for and posting nude photographs of their female classmates on a covert website where “bounties” on targeted girls are placed, and the compromising images are traded like baseball cards.

Just as Shawn is riding the high of being on the team and with the girls at school, he suffers a serious knee injury that takes him out for the season. Feeling a loss of his new identity and wanting to maintain his status with his teammates, Shawn gives in to pressure and engages in his own secret “hunt,” keeping his best friend Lauren (Keana Lyn Bastidas), and strong-willed mother, Lucinda (Tara Nicodemo), from knowing. But when the site and nude photographs of the teenage girls are discovered, Lucinda and others fight to hold those accountable, only to learn a devastating truth about those involved. Devyn Nekoda also stars.

Handyman from Hell

Premiere Date: March 10th

Handyman from Hell - Lifetime March 2024
Handyman from Hell – Lifetime March 2024

Synopsis: Maggie Anderson has just separated from her husband and, as a way to cope, is finally overhauling the beautiful converted church that she had bought with so much promise just a few years ago. When she meets the sexy, skilled Nate, she feels like she’s met the man who is going to fix up her kitchen…and maybe even her heart. What she doesn’t realize is that Nate is mysteriously connected to her family and is entering her home and her life with murder on his mind.

Liliana Tandon, Joey Ariemma, Kristina Horan, Steve Hofstetter, Jodie Sweetin star. (2023)

Hunting Housewives

Premiere Date: March 9th

Hunting Housewives
Hunting Housewives

Hunting Housewives tells the story of four friends Karla Dodds (Richards), Rebel Carron-Whitman (Leakes), Joli Symons (Herjavec) and Sharell Bouvier (Ford) who “head for a much-needed spa retreat weekend away from their husbands, children and busy schedules when suddenly they find themselves downed in a plane crash. With no knowledge of basic survival, the Housewives must use their wits and whatever is in their designer bags to try to survive in the rugged wilds. When they realize they are not alone, even frenemies must align to outwit their hunters.


Denise Richards and NeNe Leakes. Kym Johnson Herjavec and Melyssa Ford.

Alone in the Dark

Premiere Date: March 3th

Synopsis: Bri is recently divorced and under house arrest due to her ex-husband’s crimes, but when a stalker shows up, seems to have control over his surroundings. Novi Brown, Terrell Carter, Kimberly Daugherty, Christopher Bencomo, Malcolm Goodwin, and Krys Marshall star (2024).

Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge

Premiere Date: March 2nd

Synopsis: Three years after narrowly escaping the murderous clutches of her half-sister Simone (Riley), Monica (Goodwin) is ready for a fresh start in Seattle as the host of the city’s #1 primetime investigative television program. With her best friend Bebe (Michelle) by her side and a new love interest, things are looking up for Monica. Secretly nursed back to health and suffering from amnesia, Simone is building a new life when she comes across Monica on TV and her memories come rushing back, leading to a fateful reunion between the sisters. Can the two put the past behind them? Or will Simone’s need to get revenge win the day?


Amber Riley, Raven Goodwin, K. Michelle, Morgan Alexandria (Line Sisters), Christine Horn (Snowfall) and Kendrick Cross (Ambitions).


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