First look at July 2024 Lifetime movies! – SCHEDULE


Lifetime has revealed its July 2024 movies schedule.

Murder for Mortgage: Secrets on Maple Street

Premiere Date: Sunday July 28

After the death of the neighborhood busybody, young couple Carlee and Alex jump at the chance to buy her now notorious Maple Street house at a discounted rate. Soon, however, strange occurrences lead Carlee to suspect that there was more to old woman’s death than meets the eye, and that what she and her husband don’t know might have put them in a very dangerous position. Stars Frances Leigh, and Thomas Cadrot (2024).

A Neighbor’s Vendetta

Premiere Date: Saturday July 27

Synopsis: After her boss-turned-secret lover is found dead, architect Sonja (Chelsea Gilligan) vows to give her marriage another chance. She and her husband decide to make a fresh start and rent a remote cabin. But when an unexpected neighbor appears at their door, they soon discover that she’s linked to Sonja’s adulterous past and is intent on taking “an eye for an eye.” Sydney Cole Alexander, Steven Good co-star. (2023)

A Family Nightmare: Secrets on Maple Street

Premiere Date: Sunday July 21

Synopsis: Returning home to Maple Street after a night of underage drinking, highschooler Brittany is knocked out cold by an unseen intruder. But the next morning Brittany finds herself safe in bed with her parents acting as if nothing happened. Unsure of what to believe, Brittany sets out to find the truth about that night–and the truth about what her parents are hiding. Stars Karis Cameron, Dan Payne, and Lucia Walters (2024).

Abducted at an HBCU: a black Girl missing movie

Premiere Date: Saturday July 20

Synopsis: Abducted at an HBCU: A Black Girl Missing Movie follows the story of Shannon (Tanyell Quian), an ambitious college student who is struggling to pay her college tuition and eventually stops attending classes. The only person who notices Shannon’s sudden disappearance is her college counselor Ellen (Naturi Naughton). Ellen’s concerns are dismissed by Shannon’s professors, campus administration, students and even her own boyfriend. Instead of answers, Ellen is met with careless comments about how “girls like that” from underserved communities often drop out of school. Determined to find Shannon, Ellen inadvertently uncovers a trafficking ring targeting students in need like Shannon. With time running out, Ellen must fight tirelessly to gain the support she needs to rescue Shannon and bring down the trafficking ring.

Lies and Ex Wives: Secrets on Maple Street

Premiere Date: Sunday July 14

Synopsis: When Katie started dating her divorced neighbor, she was prepared to endure a round of Maple Street gossip about their relationship. But when a mysterious stalker starts harassing her, she soon realizes that she’s facing a threat far more deadly than a few whispered jeers, especially when her new beau’s ex turns up dead.

Stars Ali Liebert, and Matthew MacCaull (2024).

Sister Wife Murder

Premiere Date: Saturday July 13

Synopsis: Sister Wife Murder follows Chloe (Dia Nash), who after attending church for the first time one Sunday, becomes enamored with her pastor, Caleb (Matthew Daddario). In between secret moments and stolen glances, she falls in love with him only to learn that he’s already married with not one, but two wives. Despite their unorthodox situation, Chloe is overjoyed when he proposes. But after experiencing Caleb’s controlling behavior, she quickly realizes that their love was a far cry from happily-ever-after. Chloe and the other wives, Anna (Ashley Williams) and Margo (Ashley Dulaney), only have each other to depend on and when one of them mysteriously disappears, Chloe fears that she may be next.

Couples Retreat Murder

Premiere Date: Sunday July 7

Synopsis: Trying your save their marriage, Becky and Jim head to a remote couple’s retreat which just so happens to include Becky’s ex from college. Things only get worse when one of the guests goes missing and their host is found dead, prompting them to wonder who else they are trapped with on this trip. Starring Jessica Morris, Rib Hillis, Natalie Daniels, Corin Nemec, and Alex Trumble (2024).

Amish Affair

Premiere Date: Saturday July 6

Synopsis: Hannah (Mackenzie Cardwell) moves in with a charismatic Amish leader, Aaron (Ryan McPartlin), to help with his ailing wife. Seeking refuge after leaving her Amish community, Hannah is grateful to Aaron and his wife for opening their home to her and giving her work but as she tends to her household chores, the spark between her and Aaron is undeniable. Hannah knows their secret relationship has them both living in sin, so she decides to end it but when Aaron’s wife suspiciously dies, she finds herself framed for murder and fighting to prove her innocence.

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