First look at January, February & March 2024 Lifetime Movie Network movies! – SCHEDULE


Lifetime Movie Network has revealed its January, February and March 2024 movies schedule that features fourteen new thrillers, including the premiere of the 35th film in the network’s prolific Wrong Movie franchise. 

The Wrong Life Coach will premiere on January 11, and is executive produced by Vivica A. Fox, who stars alongside Eric Roberts, Tracy Nelson, Michael Paré, Jackée Harry, Morgan Bradley and Allison McAtee.  Roberts, Paré, Harry and Nelson also star in the Valentine’s themedTall Dark and Dangerousset for February 8th, with Matthew Pohlkamp and Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom Sandoval.

Here’s a breakdown of the films:

Dying For Fame (January 4 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Dylan Raine, Amelie Anstett. A career-driven tabloid reporter Anna (Raine) is assigned to write a profile about popular influencer Juliet (Anstett). During their time together, Anna discovers that many of Juliet’s fans aren’t real. After she is confronted, Juliet reveals a different story about a stalker who has been tormenting her for months but Anna ultimately decides to proceed with the fake fans story.

The Wrong Life Coach (January 11 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Vivica A. Fox, Morgan Bradley, Allison McAtee, Michael Paré, Tracy Nelson, Eric Roberts, Jackeé. Harry When Jordan (Bradley) gets a new boss, Tara (Fox), the job becomes more than she bargained for. Jordan enlists the help of a life coach named Liz (McAtee), but unfortunately, Liz has some sinister plans of her own including sabotaging Jordan’s new job with Mr. Gordon (Roberts). Hybrid produced.

A Party to Die For (January 18 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Jonetta Kaiser, Kara Royster, Jermaine Rivers. Sadie (Kaiser) works in a luxury boutique store but is ready for a change in her life when she meets socialite Jessica (Kara Royster). They become fast friends but when they attend an after party at a new friend’s house, the night goes terribly wrong, and someone ends up dead. Tubi co-prod.

Crowdsource Murder (January 25 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Nicole Weber, James Hyde, Francesca Barker McCormick, Clark Moore, Lexi Minetree. After her daughter Shannon (Minetree) is injured in an accident, her mother Monica (Weber) is encouraged by her friend Rebecca (McCormick) to start a crowdsource fund to pay for the hospital bills. But when a handsome stranger, Noah (Hyde), donates more and more money to the fund, she begins to question his motives.

In February…

Sabotaging the Squad (February 1 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Meyon Jacobs, Lauren Mayo, Olivia Buckle, Brittany Goodwin. Missy (Jacobs) is ready to take over as head coach of daughter Arielle’s (Mayo) cheer squad but unfortunately, the other cheer moms are resistant to a change in regime, especially Darlene (Buckle), who has been vying for the top job ever since becoming interim coach. With the help of her friend and assistant coach, Gemma (Brittany Goodwin), Missy focuses on getting her cheerleaders ready for competition. But as strange things begin to happen that sabotage all her efforts and one mom ends up dead, Missy fights to clear her name while keeping her squad competition ready before anyone else dies.

Tall, Dark and Dangerous (February 8 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Jamie Bernadette, Matthew Pohlkamp, Michael Paré, Tracy Nelson, Tom Sandoval, Eric Roberts and Jackeé Harry. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Alice (Bernadette), a successful real estate attorney, decides to try out the dating app Be My Valentine where she finds her seemingly perfect match, Chris (Pohlkamp).  But Alice soon realizes that her “Valentine” is an imposter who stole the identity of his former roommate Jason (Sandoval) in order to insert himself into her life, fooling her boss Ed (Roberts) and even her parents.

She’s Obsessed with My Husband ….

She’s Obsessed with My Husband (February 15 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Alissa Filoramo, Matthew Pohlkamp, Aryè Campos, Taylor Castro. Violet (Filoramo) has carried a torch for Garrett (Pohlkamp), the love of her life, ever since they dated in high school.  Now twenty years later, Violet has moved in next door to Garrett and is determined to destroy his marriage and take her “rightful” place as his wife.

The Ex-Obsession(February 22 at 8pm ET/PT). Starring Chaley Rose, B. J. Britt, Anthony Dalton II. Happily married to her husband, John (Britt), Kim (Rose) is shocked to learn John’s new co-worker is her ex-boyfriend Grant (Dalton II). Unwilling to spoil John’s excitement, Kim and Grant decide to keep their history a secret. But when John sees Kim and Grant out together one day, he becomes consumed by jealousy and confronts Kim. Co-prod with Tubi.

Lonely Crime Fanatic (February 29 at 8pm ET/PT).

Starring Brenna Skalski, Ian Reier Michaels, Alexandra Ponce, David Alan Hurt. 

Romance sparks when a lonely true crime fan meets her favorite podcast host, but things soon turn strange as his fascination with her becomes obsession and his newest run of episodes appear to revolve around her eventual murder. 

In March …

Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon (March 6 at 8pm ET/PT).

Starring Gina Vitori, Philip Boyd, Katrina Rosita, and Ryann Wawro 

When two best friends hiking the Grand Canyon trust an experienced hiking guide to bring them on an off-trail adventure, things go south when he takes them captive, and they have to fight both man and nature to make it out of the canyon alive.

Blackmail, Lies and Murder (March 7 at 8pm ET/PT)

Starring Kelsey McKean, Lauren Pike, and Nick Ritacco.

Candace and Kristen both have people in their lives that are making them miserable. When these two strangers meet at yoga class, they strike up a friendly conversation that leads to a lunch where they soon open up to each other about their tormentors. Having recently lost her husband, Candace gripes about her overbearing and manipulative mother-in-law Iris who constantly undercuts Candace’s relationship with her sixteen-year-old daughter Avery. Kristen shares that her husband Nathan is emotionally and physically abusive. As they lament their situations over cocktails, the conversation takes a dark turn when Kristen suggests that the two new friends swap murders! After the lunch, Candace believes their conversation was just talk, but when Iris turns up dead, Kristen shows up demanding Candace make good on her end of the bargain. When Kristen kidnaps Avery, Candace might just do the unthinkable to save her daughter.

Vanished in Yosemite (March 13 at 8pm ET/PT)

Skye Coyne, Kelcie Stranahan, Rob LaColla, and Jason Tobias star.

While vacationing in Yosemite, sisters Katrina and Jennifer meet the perfect guy: handsome Rick. Smitten, Katrina is certain she has met Mr. Right; however, when Katrina goes missing deep in the Yosemite wilderness, Jennifer suspects kidnapping and sets out to rescue her sister. 

Killing all my Sister (March 14 at 8pm ET/PT)

Starring Isabella Carlsen, Muretta Moss, Grace Patterson, Muguet Del Toro.

Brilliant student Emily and her best friend Jenna, a tennis star in the making, are elated when they both get accepted to the university of their dreams. Their relationship quickly gets tested during rush week however, as Jenna is recruited by an elite sorority willing to succeed at all costs. Once Jenna suddenly disappears, Emily embarks on a quest to find and save her friend, only to realize that the sorority’s lethal secrets run much deeper. 

A Lifeguard Obsession (March 18 at 8pm ET/PT)

 Stars Amanda Jones, and Christian Howard.

When a lonely, awkward lifeguard saves a well-known woman from drowning, he believes he’s earned a place in her life…and her heart. 

Secrets in the Desert (March 19 at 8pm ET/PT)

Stars Kayleigh Ruller, Cailin McDonald, Alex Trumble, Emmanuel Jalbert, Christopher Sky, and Kelli Dawn Hancock.

While on a road trip through the desert, Charlie and her boyfriend Aidan break down in the middle of nowhere. While Aidan waits for a tow truck, Charlie heads to a nearby diner to find help. When Aidan goes missing, Charlie finds herself stranded in a strange town unsure who to trust. The only thing she knows is… she might just be their only chance to get out alive. 

Danger on Party Island (March 20 at 8pm ET/PT)

Starring Lindsey Dresbach, Adam Harper, James Bobo, Kate Dailey. 

After the death of her sister, Mel (Dresbach) travels to an infamous party island to collect her estranged sister’s body. With the reluctant help from local bar owner Jever (Bobo), Mel begins to unravel the circumstances of her sister’s accident and starts to believe she could be next.

When an introverted lawyer travels to an infamous party island to collect her estranged sister’s body, she becomes suspicious of foul play. With reluctant help from a local bar owner, she begins to unravel the circumstances of her sister’s accident and starts to believe she could be next. 

The Venice Murders (March 20 at 10 pm ET/PT)

Stars Sophie Hopkins, and Darcy Grey (2023).

Leaving behind a successful career, Celia pursues an art degree in Italy hoping to find her true passion–only to have her new roommate go missing, the local man she’s dating a prime suspect. All alone in an unfamiliar country, she’s forced to team up with her eccentric expat Aunt Rosa, estranged from the family decades before, to save her friend and bring the kidnapper to justice.

My Father’s Murder in Greece (March 21 at 8pm ET/PT)

Starring Cass Huckabay, Maeve Quinlan. 

When Allie’s (Cass Huckabay) father George takes her on a celebratory trip to Greece to uncover her family’s roots, she never expected her father would be murdered. Allie must uncover long-kept family secrets if she’s going to bring the killer to justice. 

Her Deadly Night in Paris (March 21 at 10pm ET/PT)

Starring Shifra Zuckerman, Charly Dô, Laurent Maurel, Lucile Jaillant (2023).

An American exchange student in Paris falls in love with her host family’s handsome son, but when she witnesses a murder, the couple must go on the run to prove her innocence.

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