First Look at Hallmark July 2024 Movies! – WATCH


Step into a world of enchanting romance and intriguing mysteries this 2024 July on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Mysteries.

Whether you’re in the mood for love or craving a thrilling mystery, July on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Mysteries has something for everyone. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and let the enchantment of Christmas in July begin.

Hallmark Channel July 2024 Schedule

A Very Vermont Christmas

Release Date: July 29th on Hallmark Channel

Synopsis: A local champion skier and Vermont brew master teams up with an unlikely match to create a seasonal microbrew, in order to save her family’s business by Christmas.

Starring Katie Leclerc and Ryan McPartlin

Falling Like Snowflakes

Release Date: July 29th on Hallmark Channel

Synopsis: With the grudging help of her ex, Teagan is determined to capture a photograph of the elusive 12-sided snowflake in the local mountains. They soon find themselves seeking safety in the eye of an oncoming storm and making a new and unexpected connection.

Starring Rebecca Dalton and Marcus Rosner.

Starring Katie Leclerc and Ryan McPartlin

Rescuing Christmas

Release Date: July 13th on Hallmark Channel

In a world where Santa is real and wants to drum up some holiday spirit, two of Santa’s elves, Chuck and Debbie, devise a plan to grant one human on Earth three wishes to kickstart the holidays. Unfortunately, that human is Erin, who has lost all affection for the season. Even a blind date set up by her sister, with the affable and charming Sam, won’t change her mind about Christmas. But when she makes the mistake of wishing Christmas would “just disappear,” Erin wakes up to a world where the holiday never existed! Horrified, she realizes that she’s taken away everyone’s joy, so she enlists Sam to help her reinvent the festivities from scratch. In the process, Erin learns just how much this holiday and its traditions have meant to everyone around her – and how much Sam has come to mean to her.

Starring Rachael Leigh Cook, Sam Page, Patrick O’Brien, Bailey Stender and T. Mychael Rambo.

An Ice Palace Romance

Release Date: July 13th on Hallmark Channel

Synopsis: A journalist faces old fears when she returns to her hometown ice rink to cover a story. With the help of the owner and his young daughter, she begins to reevaluate her life’s purpose.

Starring Celeste Desjardins and Marcus Rosner.

Three Wise Men and a Baby: Extended Cut

Release Date: July 6th on Hallmark Channel

Synopsis: Three brothers get the surprise of their lives when they are forced to work together and care for a baby over the holidays.

Starring Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, Andrew Walker and Margaret Colin.

Operation Nutcracker

Release Date: July 1st on Hallmark Movies Now

Synopsis: When an antique nutcracker set to be auctioned at the Warby family Christmas charity goes missing, a demanding event planner and the heir to the Warby dynasty try to track it down.

Starring Ashley Newbrough and Christopher Russell.

Hallmark Mystery

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: A Tale of Three Letters

Release Date: Friday, July 12th

Synopsis: The POstables are back identifying the intended recipients of a trio of dead letters which have a surprising, personal impact on all of them.

Stars Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe, Geoff Gustafson, Rhiannon Fish.

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