First Look at Firefly Lane Season 2, The Final Season! – EXCLUSIVE WATCH


Netflix hit show Firefly Lane starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke has been renewed for season two shortly after its premiere – and here we are: Season 2, which is going to be the final season, is premiering December 2 with the first 9 episodes and the final 6 episodes are coming out in 2023.

UPDATE – Originally set to stream on Thursday, June 8, the series will now return on Thursday, April 27. Star Katherine Heigl revealed the change in an Instagram post.

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The Netflix show, which we previously compared to This is us, follows the story of Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke) an unlikely duo of friends. They met when they are 14 and, from then on, they will never stop being part of each other’s lives, for better or worse. The storyline is set on different timelines: in the past, to tell how they met and their whole story together, in the present and also in the futureThe season finale flash forward left many questions hanging in a unique cliffhanger.

“Firefly Lane” was based on the namesake novel by Kristin Hannah and it was created by Maggie Friedman, who was also executive producer and showrunner. Heigl and Shawn Williamson will also executive produce the show, with Hannah as co-producer.

Katherine Heigl Teases the ‘Pretty Juicy’ Reason for Rift Between Tully and Kate

The season 1 finale of the show, which centers around the friendship between Tully and Kate, ended with the lifelong friends at odds over a mysterious feud.

Teasing whether or not the audience will get to find out what happened with the cliffhanger in the upcoming season, which premieres on Friday, Heigl said, “Yes, you will learn.”

“These first nine [episode] that are going to drop, you will discover what it is that has really fractured that relationship,” she said. “It’s pretty big, it’s pretty juicy.”

Chalked added, “So, this issue between Tully and Kate, we can’t say much, but we can say that it’s family-related,” she previously said during a Zoom call with fans. “And it has nothing to do with Johnny.”

Katherine Heigl & Sarah Chalke Answer Burning Questions

Has this indestructible friendship really gone sideways?

Katherine Heigl: It’s the last thing you expect. It’s a moral dilemma. My heart broke for Tully; I’m attached to her. It was hard to play.

Kate’s husband Johnny (Ben Lawson) survives his Season 1 finale injuries reporting in Iraq. Do we see more romance?

Sarah Chalke: We see them fall in love through the ’80s. Their dating, marriage, divorce, back together — all show they’re meant to be.

Heigl: In the ’80s, Tully fights her attraction to a rival anchor, flirty Danny [Ignacio Serricchio]. The 2000s bring a surprise reunion.

In the 2000s, how emotional is it when Kate goes back to work helping Tully make a documentary about finding her dad?

Chalke: It’s a bonding experience. There isn’t any way that it could have worked for Tully other than to have her best friend by her side.

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