First Look at Fair Play, starring Phoebe Dynevor & Alden Ehrenreich, premiering Oct 6 on Netflix! – TRAILER


Premiering October 6 on Netflix is the thriller movie Fair Play, starring Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich. Let’s take a first look!


Quando si presenta l’opportunità di una tanto attesa promozione presso una spietata società finanziaria, i messaggi una volta incoraggianti tra gli innamorati Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) e Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) si inaspriscono e diventano sempre più cupi. Mentre nella relazione cambiano irrevocabilmente le dinamiche di potere, la coppia deve fare i conti con il vero prezzo del successo e gli snervanti limiti dell’ambizione.

Al suo debutto cinematografico, la sceneggiatrice-regista Chloe Domont crea un thriller intenso che ruota intorno a una coppia, osservando le devastanti dinamiche di genere che mettono due amanti l’uno contro l’altra in un mondo che si trasforma più velocemente delle norme che lo regolano. Con un cast che vanta anche Eddie Marsan, Rich Sommer e Sebastian De Souza, Fair Play mette in luce lo scomodo abbinamento tra autoaffermazione ed ego.

FAIR PLAY IS THE FIRST FILM to come out of the emerging filmmaker label founded by T-Street and MRC in April 2021.

After producing alongside Star Thrower Entertainment the film premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, where Fair Play quickly became one of the most-talked about and critically acclaimed titles, MRC and T-Street licensed the film’s worldwide rights to Netflix which the financiers and producers call, “a natural home for the film given its universal themes and the longstanding relationships between all three companies.”

“When Rian [Johnson] and I first discussed the idea of T-Street we knew we wanted to create a launch pad for filmmakers,” says Executive Producer Ram Bergman. “We were fortunate to meet Chloe right out of the gate and discover the wonderful script for Fair Play and it was clear that it would be one of our first films.”

“It was one of those scripts you read the moment it comes in and all in one sitting,” says T-Street’s Ben LeClair of the tightly-paced thriller. “I devoured it and immediately sounded the alarm. We knew it would move quickly.”

“Chloe came in very sure about what she wanted to achieve,” says Leopold Hughes. “She is very open to listening and responding to the challenges that are faced by any production, and we had our fair share. There is a reason for every frame of that movie and every inch of the set was scrutinized. The devil was in the details and Chloe was our devil.”

Producer Allan Mandelbaum echoes that assessment.

“From the moment I first met Chloe, she had an incredibly clear vision for what she wanted to accomplish with this movie. She talked about it with a level of detail you rarely hear from first-time filmmakers.”

“Yes, she’s a singular voice,” agrees LeClair. “But the word I associate more with her is dedicated. She won’t be outworked. And her level of focus is quickly becoming legend. At the same time, she’s an absolutely dedicated friend. She’ll run through a wall to be there for you. And then she’ll ask for another take.”

“This isn’t really a film about female empowerment. This is a film about male fragility.”

Domont, who has directed several episodes of the Showtime series Billions, has always been drawn to high-stakes storytelling set in the world of finance, but Fair Play allowed her to interrogate what happens when you take your work home with you.

“I was trying to show how a toxic work environment can feed into the toxicity of relationship and vice versa,” she explains. “It becomes this vicious cycle in this toxic bubble that you can’t really escape.” Having worked as a director in Hollywood for the last decade, it’s an unfortunate reality Domont can relate to.

“There were a lot of parallels of those worlds to my experience in film and TV,” she says. “Even though I didn’t know anything about the finance world, I felt like I could emotionally tap into what it’s like to be under that kind of stress and pressure. I could organically tap into what the high highs and low lows do to a person and what that could do to a relationship that’s already imploding.”

Domont wanted to tell a story that conveys the challenges women face trying to climb the ladder in an industry that has long been a boys’ club, particularly when said climbing threatens the ego of your partner and other men around you. “A woman trying to make her way up in any industry faces those challenges,” she states. “Every industry, for the most part, is still a man’s industry. I’ve definitely faced challenges trying to rise up in that respect and can relate, but I feel like every woman can. I wanted to show all the ways in which women are forced to play ugly to survive in that world with those kinds of men.”


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