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Are you already buzzing for the release of Chicago PD season 11 on January 17th 2024? Here’s everything we know about it so far, from synopsis, promotional photos, release date and trailer!


NBC hasn’t released any synopsis that teases what’s going to happen on Chicago PD S11. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload it as soon as it’s out!

Upton approach to policing at odds with the team’s mental health clinician. The case will bring out Upton’s “personal struggles,” with Voight standing by her.

Upton shadows a crisis prevention team and finds herself at odds with the mental health clinician.

Jesse Lee Soffer is back on the Chicago P.D. set for Season 11.

Soffer is directing once again, the 12th episode of the season. He’ll only be behind the camera, though we have to admit that we’re holding out hope to see him onscreen once again as Jay Halstead. After all, there’s already a reason for him to return: as part of Tracy Spiridakos‘ final episode.

Episodes Title

11.01 Unpacking

11.02 Retread

11.03 Safe Harbor

Release Date

Chicago PD will be back on the small screen with Season 11 on January 17th on NBC

Showrunner Gwen Sigan reveals that Season 11 is “a big season of growth and change for Hailey Upton.”

“We find her at the start of this season in a precarious place; wanting to move her life forward after finally taking off her ring, finding that it’s more difficult than she’d like,” the Chicago P.D. boss explains. “There’s a lot she still has to confront in herself and doesn’t necessarily know how to do so.”

“[Tracy] gave us a lot of leeway, which is a very kind thing to do, so we have a full season with her,” the P.D. boss shares. “We’ll have plenty of time to come up with a very satisfying ending for her character.”

With Upton and Halstead’s marriage left uncertain, Sigan says that there will be a conclusion to that storyline this season.

“I do think there will be closure,” she says. “I do think that we’re going to see Upton deal with a lot of what happened last year with the fallout and find her way through it and find her way out to the other side — and to a better side for her character.”

The EP adds that Upton will find her way to a “healthy, better side, so there will be closure.” As for a potential appearance from Jesse Lee Soffer’s Halstead, Sigan notes that currently, there are “no plans to bring him back at this point for anything, but I never say never.”

What has changed for you in the little over two years as showrunner, compared to being a writer and executive producer?

It’s so different! It’s widely different! There’s so much more that goes into it. I mean the management, the day-to-day. I think the wonderful thing as a writer is that you get a lot more control, which is amazing, and you can really dive into the things that you think are the most interesting and steer people that way. So, that part is amazing! But it’s still a challenge. It still feels very new. I still feel like I’m a baby doing it.

Do you feel like you’ve changed the arc in the storytelling any since taking over?

I don’t really think I have. I think that the show was wonderful. Ricky (previous showrunner Rick Eid) did a lot with it. Matt Olmstead created it. I think all of the bones were there, and then I think Rick found this way to dial in each week to a character, and find this really clean muscle to each story. I’ve tried to, as best I can, continue with everything that was working. I know my voice is slightly different, so I’m sure in ways it’s altered and it’s changed. But we try to really focus on making it as character heavy as we possibly can.

So, let’s talk about the premiere episode season 11, titled “Unpacking.”  Is this just coincidence, coming off of the long writers and actors strikes? Or, is this episode making a statement that the team is finally back home?

We knew when we started back in the writing room that since we have been off the air for so long, and since it had felt to us like we were gone for so long, that we could embrace this idea that it was six months later and do a time jump, which storytelling-wise offers you so many opportunities to put your characters in a new place. And a lot of that title comes from this idea that there have been events that have happened off-screen, and our characters find themselves in this place where it feels like things are new and that you know change is coming. But yet, change is really hard and no one really wants it to happen in this universe. And, like there is a lot of emotion that’s happening.

And in a nice way, we tried to arc it so that it’s really not until the end that you get this feeling that we’re unpacking something — not everything, but we’re unpacking a little bit emotionally of where our characters have been.

In the first episode, why did you decide to tackle the issues of mental health and regaining stability after one’s core has been ripped away? Viewers see this through the storylines of Officer Hailey Upton’s (Tracy Spiridakos) impending divorce and Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) trying to recover from a traumatic gunshot wound from last season’s cliffhanger.

We knew there was so much mentally that was going on. You can’t really go through something like being shot on the job, and being off the job for as long as he’s been off, and not have it affect you mentally. And the same thing with Upton. So much of her mental journey that is so interesting is that she’s someone who I think denies a lot of her emotion and doesn’t want to feel certain things. And I think it’s a defense mechanism. I think it’s how she was raised, what got her by for a long time, but it’s also something that’s not sustainable. So, when you’re rocked again, as she has been with this relationship with Jay and  with the divorce, you realize that it’s almost like it cracks the dam and all the other stuff starts coming out. So, we knew that was going to be a part of her journey of her growth this year and getting to a better place this year.

And as soon as we knew that, it felt like the Mental Health Unit that we explore in this episode was the perfect pairing. And it’s really interesting because it’s real and these crisis intervention teams are all over the U.S. being tested out. And they’re really interesting in what they could be for police and what might be able to come out of them. We wanted to try and get it on the show and try to explore it, because it’s a whole new dilemma for our characters as officers and something that they’re kind of fish out of water in.

When you spoke to actual Chicago P.D. officers who are advisors for the show, what were their thoughts about the crisis intervention teams?

It’s very mixed! A lot of times cops are expected to be social workers in a lot of ways, and so they look at it as a great resource to have. But also, it’s so new that anything new is kind of shaky and, how do you know who is in charge and who’s the lead? We try to address that a little bit on the show. As people, we want it to be very clean and clear that there are answers. And then the reality is that a lot of times these things are pretty messy to figure out. Do they work? Do they not work? How well do they work? I’ve heard a lot of mixed reactions across the board.

Jason Beghe as Hank Voight, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton and Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess in season 11’s second episode, “Retread.” Lori Allen/NBC

Was this episode bloodier than some of the other Chicago P.D. episodes we’ve seen in prior seasons? if so, is this symbolic to any theme for the rest of the season?

The violence in this one is very visceral, very much that sort of violence where it’s going to knock you back when you walk in that room. It’s going to be one of those cases that Upton wouldn’t forget. You talk to cops and always there are certain ones that [stick with you]. Her going in there and seeing blood on the ceiling and blood everywhere; we wanted that to be something that would hit her in the face, which can also help us earn a lot of the investment as to why she emotionally like this woman on fire to get the person that did it.

And because of that, and because of the anger that was already boiling in her personally, I think going into a scene like that and seeing that violence causes this instinctual anger that someone could be capable of this. And it helped earn why she missed certain things in this episode that usually she wouldn’t have missed.

At the end of the episode, Upton does tell her superior officer, Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), that she is very angry, and she realizes she can’t be an effective cop with that rage inside of her. How much of it is personal and how much of it is the job?

From a writer’s perspective, a lot of that is anger turned inward. It’s anger at yourself, which a lot of times we see sort of come out as depression. And I think that is what is going on with her. But the interesting thing is that she doesn’t know that. She’s confused by it and trying to piece it out, but doesn’t understand it. So that’s part of her journey this year: finding the ability and the toolkit and sort of understanding what’s going on with her, and why, and how do you get through it.

What are some more tidbits of what we can expect to see this season? Will we there be new regular cast members? (Tracy Spiridakos is leaving the show after this season.) What are some of the upcoming storylines?

We have a lot of new fun people coming in as guest stars. Case-wise, we have a really dark, big bad that Voight is going to face off with — it becomes almost this white whale for him; this obsession, this thing that he can’t get to and we’ll find how that affects him. So that’s going to be a fun one.

We’ve got a really fun Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) undercover world that he’s going into with some great guest stars that again will shake him up. He’s going into this undercover narcotics world that is very unpredictable, very wild, very high stakes for him.

And then, we also have a lot of new cops who are going to come and help us out with those cases. We have a new cop coming into episode three who we’ll get to meet. He’s coming from a neighboring district and Burgess (Marina Squerciati) is playing alongside him.

And then we have have a cop who is coming in to help us with our Voight long-form case, and she’s really exciting. And she’s going to be playing up against Upton and bringing out a lot of what we’ve been talking about. Like, how do you deal with some things when mentally your life doesn’t look how you thought it was ,and you need something new to sort of invigorate you again? This new female cop is going to help Upton see that.

Will we see some crossover episodes with Chicago Fire or Chicago Med this season?

We don’t have any on the docket right now, but never say never. I’m sure something could get cooking!

What qualities have made Chicago P.D. so enduring to its core massive audience over 11 seasons? Why has the show sustained such longevity?

It’s the character! I think it’s the cast and it’s the characters. I think that is why people watch. I think people watch for what these actors have managed to do with these characters and that there are still stories and relationships to explore. And I hope they also watch because we tell a compelling police show with police dramas, fun cases and action. But I think it’s a character, at the end of the day.

“She knows she feels angry. She knows she’s not herself. She knows she’s not moving on. She knows it doesn’t feel healthy, but she doesn’t understand what is going on and how to fix it,” the Chicago P.D. boss explains. “I love that moment where Voight is very supportive, but Voight is not the most introspective human being either and so, he doesn’t know.”The bulk of Upton’s journey this season will be getting to the root of the issue. “We’re going to see her figure what’s going on, and also ways to get out of it and ways to feel better and to get to something else,” Sigan says.

Chicago P.D. Boss on Whether Intelligence Will Get a New Recruit in Season 11: ‘I Think We Will’

“I think we will,” Sigan says. “We’ve got space for another, and it would be really fun to have someone new come in. It always offers up so many opportunities for our existing characters to interact with someone new so yes, I hope so.”

What we know for sure, though, is that Intelligence won’t be at a loss for new issues to explore in Season 11. “We’re pulling a lot from the zeitgeist,” the EP shares. “We are leaning into new possibilities with our characters, but also with policing.”

We saw that in the premiere, with the police department launching a new initiative in which crisis intervention teams tag along on mental health-related calls. The program introduced Dr. Julian Mitchell (Jason Bowen), the easy-going mental health clinician who partnered with Upton for Intelligence’s latest murder case.

Sigan also hinted at some “really great big bads” this season as well as an “incredibly dark” storyline that will become “a bit of a white whale for Hank Voight.” Additionally, Torres will go undercover with a “really fun criminal organization.”

Ruzek’s alive, fortunately, but it’s a slow recovery and journey back for him. What does that look like, and how will he handle it?

Gwen Sigan: Yeah, not the best. [Laughs] Yeah, it’s fun. We tried to keep it pretty realistic. So in Chicago, they have this retread process, which is basically if you get shot, if you get injured, it takes a while to get back on the job. You have to pass all the physical tests, you have to pass all of the written tests. You have to get tested again on protocol and how the job goes. It’s a long process, and physically for him, with where he was shot, with how he was shot, he is not immediately physically okay. In these six months, he’s been rehabbing. He’s been trying to get back, and you see in the first episode that he hasn’t made it back yet.

Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 11 Episode 2

The second episode is a Ruzek episode, and we see what these six months have been like for him not on the job and how he’s been handling it, which, like I said, he has not been handling it the best. This is a man that I think needs the job. I think the job actually makes him a better person. It puts a lot of his energy and the adrenaline he needs into something healthy for him, like something a little motivating for him. So to see him without it and spinning out and not knowing where he stands, not knowing if he’s going to be back, not understanding what his life is going to look like, he’s definitely in a shaky place, and we get to see Burgess [Marina Squerciati] be there with him through it and try to support him through it and see him go through that journey in Episode 2.

What is Burgess and Ruzek’s relationship like this season? They finally seemed to be on the same page at the end of last season.

Yeah. They went through hell last season. Their relationship has been so fun to play because they started so young when they started on the show and were in love, and then how it’s shifted. They are together, they’re committed, they are each other’s rocks. They have made this decision to go for it and to really go for it, to be in this space of “this is what we want, and we’re going to work at it, and we’ll get through anything together.” So, of course, we will see that. We’ll see them now that they are together in this family unit, what does it look like when someone’s going through something? How do you support them when they don’t even know how they need your support? How do you get there?

And it’s a nice way to show their growth because when they were younger, they didn’t have the toolkit to do that and get through those things. I think a lot of times when they’d be hit with something; the answer would be then we gotta pull away from each other. But now it’s the complete opposite. You’re hit with something, you go into the other person, and you try to get through it together. That’s what we’ll see this year.

But on the other side, there’s Upton and Halstead, who are getting a divorce, and it seems to be heading that way. But what made her take that step? And while she says she’s not mad at him, at least part of her has to be, right?

Yeah. I think she’s struggling. I think it’s that reality of it was kind of a shock to her. I think that neither of them knew that this is how that would end — at least for now — that this is where their relationship would go. So I think she’s angry. I think what I see that anger as is more internal anger. It’s faced inward at this point, and where it’s coming out externally, it’s coming out at the job. And it’s also kind of triggering a lot of other things that have built up in her and a lot of other things that I don’t think she’s ever dealt with. This is a woman prone to abandonment issues because of what she’s been through in the past and because of her family life. And so it’s going to be really interesting to see that struggle this year and to see that it really becomes not so much about Jay, it’s more so about her and realizing some things about herself that she needs to work on and work through so that she can get to the other side and so that she can see that maybe there’s a whole world out there for Upton that she hasn’t been able to explore yet. So I’m excited. I think it’s going to be a really nice arc for her this year.

Is the crisis prevention that she did in the premiere part of her arc this season?

We won’t see more of that unit at this moment. There are no plans to see more of that unit in particular. But I think it definitely indicates this idea of caring — caring for yourself, caring for other people in a way that maybe you hadn’t done before. It signifies that that’s where she’s headed.

So, will figuring that out be part of her exit storyline? She talks to Voight about not knowing how to be a good cop with how she’s feeling right now.

Yes. That’s definitely part of her arc this year is figuring that out, looking internally. We’ve got some fun ways to do that. It is always hard to tell a mental health story or to tell an internal story on a show like ours, but we’ve got some clever ways to do it. So it will be her dealing with what’s going on, figuring out what’s going on, and then yeah, finding ways through it and finding ways to grow.

What’s coming up for Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins)?

Atwater’s got some fun stuff coming up. We will see his dad return this season, which I’m excited about. He gets some more storylines with his father. But more than that, he’s got just a really impactful episode coming up in Episode 5 where he is put in this situation that really is perfectly designed to shake him a bit and to shake his core a bit. So we’ll see how he reacts to that and how that triggers some things for him.

LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in 'Chicago P.D.' Season 11 Episode 2

What about Platt (Amy Morton) beyond trying to get Voight to find a replacement for Ruzek right now?

Yeah, Platt’s got some fun stuff this year. She’s definitely sort of the heart of keeping everybody together, right? She’s always the sounding board, and I think, especially for Voight, that she’s the confidant. She’s the confidant to him. She’s one of his peers. He hasn’t had that since Olinsky [Elias Koteas] really. So she’s kind of the last standing old-school peer of his that he can talk to. And yeah, she’ll play a part in his storyline this year.

Any other returning characters?

We have ASA Chapman [Sara Bues] returning. I love her and Voight together. I think they have this really interesting bond, so we’re going to explore that more and explore them becoming very trusting in each other in a new, unique way. And of course [Burgess and Ruzek’s daughter] Makayla [Ramona Edith Williams]. McKayla will make some appearances as well.

Promotional pictures

ABC has now released the promotional pictures– What’s next for our favourite cops and detectives? We’ll soon find out!


NBC has released a first promo that tease what’s going to happen on Chicago PD. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload them as soon as it’s out!

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