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Welcome to BET+ ‘s April 2024 Movies and tv series Schedule, where love takes center stage! Get ready to embark on a heartwarming journey filled with passion, laughter, and the undeniable magic of romance. Grab your popcorn, settle in, and let the love unfold onscreen!



Release Date: April 4th

Synopsis: “RSVP” follows the story of Tesha Coleman, portrayed by Marc, a resilient survivor and aspiring author hailing from the streets of Los Angeles. When she finds herself trapped in a harrowing scenario at a weekend dinner party nestled within the remote Colorado mountains, Tesha must rely on her street smarts and formidable Martial Arts skills to navigate the perilous situation and evade the clutches of its vindictive host, Maurice Wright, played by Ri’chard.

The screenplay was written by Thomas Walton and Quinn Early, with Walton also directing the film.

The film also stars Daphne Duplaix, Orion Carrington, Christopher Sky, Jamal Lloyd Johnson, Tiffany Snow, April Hale, Jhoné Y. Lucas, and more.

Behind the scenes, executive producers include Justin Safier, Jeremy Hirsch, Dale Restighini, Mark G. Chapman, and Benny Burdo, while producers include Damien Douglas, Thomas Walton, Jared Safier, Matthew Macur, Lenny Vitulli, Robert Ri’chard, and Natasha Marc


Tv Series

Diarra From Detroit

Diarra from Detroit - BET+ 's March 2024
Diarra from Detroit – BET+ ‘s March 2024

The broadcast of ‘Dianna from Detroit’ continues.

Synopsis: The story follows Diarra Brickland (Kilpatrick), a schoolteacher going through a divorce refusing to believe she’s been rejected by her Tinder date.


Diarra Kilpatrick, Morris Chestnut.


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