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On February 20th, Episode 2 of FBI: Most Wanted Season 5, which is entitled “Footsteps”, is airing on CBS. Let’s take a first exclusive look!


CBS has released the synopsis or details for FBI Most Wanted Season 5 x 02 Footsteps – Keep following us, we’ll add extra as quickly as accessible!

The Fugitive Task Force launches into full gear after multiple bombings appear to be targeting retired NYPD officers. Also, Ray decides he’s ready to take the next step in his relationship with Cora.

“Casting pulls no punches when it comes to bringing amazing artists on the show. When I found out Steven Williams was jumping on to play my father, I was instantly excited. I’d watched his work for years and knew that he would bring an element that would be engaging to our audience,” Hodge said in a statement to Deadline.

“He’s intense, but hilarious at the same time. It’s a great combination for the foundation of his and Ray’s relationship on the show. Meeting his father opens up Ray’s world a little more for the audience by giving meaning and understanding to why he chose the same path in life to serve in law enforcement. It’ll be fun to see how their relationship develops and also the impact it may have on Ray in the future,” he added.

Showrunner David Hudgins confirmed Williams will be back for more episodes in the future.

It “comes back to haunt him,” Hodge tells TV Insider.

As a result, Ray gets “mixed up in this situation, not knowing what, who, why or how, but also knowing he needs to protect his father at all costs, whatever secrets his father has,” the star continues. “Ray’s on the clock at this point and he doesn’t give a crap about anything else other than saving his father.”

Hodge also raves about working with Williams. “He popped onto our set with just a bright and bold personality, very much wanting to know how we move, but just in general, sitting with him in between scenes, he was just cracking up jokes, telling us stories about his time and his past within the industry, things that kept him going, things that were funny, his personal relationships,” he shares. “He just really stepped on as a team player. [Something] that I hope that we bring is that what you see within this relationship is just very believable. … He brings something different. He brings a new breath of fresh air, life to the show.”

“You see the lightness and the fun and the intricacies of what they need to go through.”

Ray’s ready to take the next step with her. “We’re at the point we’re talking about moving in and living with each other,” Hodge previews. “The writers are doing a great job of building a foundation between Ray, Cora, and her son and [showing] how that affects his personal life and his decisions with his business. Being an FBI agent means that you’re not going to spend a lot of time with the family. We get that from Nina Chase’s [Shantel VanSanten] story with her and her son.”

That creates a balancing act for Ray, “of knowing he has a responsibility and he needs to get this job done, but at the same time, he is human,” Hodge shares. “He does want love, he does want affection; he wants to give it as well. I think when you see he and his father’s relationship, you understand that. It is a very loving, respectful relationship. It is one where the son did really follow in the father’s footsteps in an aspirational way, an inspirational way. So for Ray, it is about building that solid, full-bodied foundation for his life.”

But at the same time, there is the matter of Ray sometimes “putting on a smile” with Cora, even when everything isn’t okay. “The bigger picture is that he wants to be in this woman’s life,” the star explains. “He wants to be in her child’s life. And so what do you do? What sacrifices do you make to make that happen?”

On the job, we’ll see Ray “taking a stronger role without the team—well-balanced, of course,” Hodge adds, “but I could see him stepping up in different ways and how the writers integrate Cora’s life into his will be interesting. I think there’s going to be a lot of up and downs and I’m ready to play with that, to be honest with you.”

We love how that sounds, but we can’t forget what tends to happen to significant others on procedural dramas. Let’s just hope Cora sticks around.

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CBS has released a promo or sneak peeks that tease what’s approaching FBI: Most Wanted Season 5×02, Footsteps – Keep following us for extra information about it, we’ll add extra as quickly as accessible!

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