EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Star Ben Wiggins Previews Hallmark’s ‘Savoring Paris’!


Bethany Joy Lenz, Stanley Weber and Ben Wiggins star in the movie Savoring Paris premiered on Hallmark Channel on Saturday June 8th, 2024 at 8/7c. We at Survived The Shows had the incredible chance to talk with Star Ben Wiggins, who teased the movie and his experience in Savoring Paris. Check out the full interview below!

Can you tell us a bit about your character in Savoring Paris?

Gaston is a young, charming, up and coming food critic living and working in Paris. He is an active, busy, pleasure-seeking guy that loves food, his job, meeting new people, dating and enjoying new experiences.

What initially attracted you to your role in Savoring Paris?

It’s freeing to play a character who doesn’t take life too seriously and enjoys living in the moment. Gaston is confident with a real go-getter attitude and certainly portrays a “joie de vivre”. He sees something he likes and pursues it. He knows who he is as a person and is unashamed to show and share that. But he is also self-aware and humble enough to listen and learn and understands he doesn’t have all the answers.

What do you think makes this movie so special and captivating?

I love that those two words have been used! I think many people can identify with Ella wanting to shake up her humdrum life, live for the moment and do things she loves rather than conforming to societal expectations. Throw in a love triangle and the drama builds itself! Paris is such a beautiful city that you can’t help but be swept up in the sights and sounds (and even the tastes) that the film portrays. Romance, adventure and a lot of cheese…what more could you want?

What was it like working with the rest of the cast on set?

Everyone was an absolute treat to work with so huge hats off to Clare Niederpruem (director), Gordon Cowell (casting) and the producers for assembling such a wonderful group of actors. Everyone was professional, fun and focussed. Joy was an absolute superstar; so supportive, always happy to discuss the scenes and run lines and I feel like acting with her involved such a sense of playfulness. Florence’s (Adele) young energy was such fun on and off set and we always had a laugh during our scenes. I only had one short scene with Stanley (Serge) but loved his energy on and off camera.

What can you tease about your character Journey in Savoring Paris?

Gaston starts off seeming like a bit of a cocky guy (he is known as “The Cad” which gives you a clue) but throughout the film the audience begins to see him as a genuine guy searching for something deeper. I guess the old expression “don’t judge a book by its cover” would be appropriate.

What was your favorite scene or moment while filming Savoring Paris?

Filming in Paris was fantastic for many reasons. I don’t think it gets much better than shooting a romantic film in the City of Love! For me, the scene with Ella and Gaston at the boat party was a real highlight. Being on a boat on the Seine with the twinkling Eiffel Tower at night as the backdrop to this romantic connection and their first kiss was cinematic gold.

At Survived the Shows, we are big fans of Christmas rom-comedies. What is your all-time favorite?

Oh easy: Love Actually. It has a brilliant cast and Richard Curtis’ direction highlights the comedy and drama and festive spirit in such a feel good and heartwarming way. It came out when I was about 13 and has become an annual Christmas watch in my family. My little brother and I actually still quote things to each other from the film! Also, the soundtrack is awesome.

What can you share about your experience in the tv show “You”?

I look back on that job so fondly. I was a huge fan of the series before getting the job and remember saying “this show would be amazing to be in” when I watched it during the first Lockdown in the UK. To then be cast in it 2 years later was a “pinch me” moment.

When I initially secured the role, I wasn’t completely aware of how important Roald (my character) was going to be in terms of driving the narrative forward and even on set we weren’t always made aware of exactly where the story was heading in the next episode. It was amazing to share so much screen time with Penn and the “chasing through the woods” scene is a personal favourite.

We also shot in some beautiful locations and having London as the focal point was really special. Working with such a talented cast is not something I’ll soon forget.

Change of subject, what have been some of the most memorable projects you have worked on throughout your career, and why?

My first feature was an indie film called Anna and the Apocalypse which combined the genres of zombie horror, Christmas and musical – quite the blend. We were filming in Scotland in December so the elements were against us, we had a tight shooting schedule and it was low budget but the teamwork and camaraderie of the cast and crew resulted in a film that has become bit of a cult classic for many people. I’m really proud of the film.

I also loved performing in Shakespeare’s As You Like It at the then brand new Soho Place Theatre in 2022, directed by Josie Rourke. Not only is the play a classic, but we were either the first or second production ever to perform on that stage. When we started rehearsals, someone mentioned how you can normally feel the energy of all past shows at the old London Theatres when you walk through the space. You are treading the boards where world renowned actors have performed and you can feel their “ghosts”. By opening the theatre, we had the unique experience of BEING those ghosts who start the theatres legacy.

Can you tease something about your next projects?

I wish I could! I’m currently auditioning and hoping for the next project to come soon!

Savoring Paris” starring Ben Wiggins will premiere on Saturday, June 8th on Lifetime Channel.

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