EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Xavier de Guzman Discusses His Children Book ‘Peeling Fruit’! – WATCH

xavier de guzman

We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with writer Xavier de Guzman who’s about to come out with his new children’s book ‘Peeling Fruit’. Check out the full interview in the video below!

What kind of exciting and and unexpected things do you think children might encounter in Peeled Fruit?

XAVIER DE GUZMAN: I think children will enjoy the illustrations first and foremost. They are something that a lot of younger individuals will be able to relate to because they have something that they can see. The story would relate more to the adults or to the parents that are reading it, where they would understand the struggle of trying to connect with their children. Food instead is what connects everybody. While growing up, my parents had a lot of fruits. It relates to a lot of fruits where I know a lot of my Italian friends they can relate more to like their pastas or their oranges. Lots of oranges I’ve heard in Italy as well.

What lessons do you think children can take away from Peeled Fruit?

XAVIER DE GUZMAN: The story that the children are going to take away is not about the fruit. It’s about connecting with love and family, and I think that’s something that children will be able to take away is that this act of peeling fruit as an act of love. I wrote this story to also help people of color you can tell it’s a Filipino family by the clothes that they wear, by the color of the skin of these characters – to give a voice to people of diversity as well. I think people are going to relate to it because I’ve had some friends read the book and read the book to their kids. And then the kids will be like, ‘oh, that’s me, that looks like me’. And that’s something that I want to help emote and capture with that book.

What kind of new adventures or challenges would you like to see the characters facing in a potential sequel of Peeled Fruits?

XAVIER DE GUZMAN: I think if I were to do that, I’d start back again with Fernando. Him growing up and doing sports. Something that connects with his dad now, because just like what happened with me, growing up I didn’t really understand it. My dad put me in every sport where I play and I excelled in those sports. I played like on select teams and things like that, and I never really understood it, but he was just giving me these opportunities that he never had growing up.

So I think that was really special and important for him to know that he was giving me something that he never had. Because I think that’s our job, when we become parents, to provide a better lifestyle.

The interview with Xavier de Guzman has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Check out the full interview at the top of the article!

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