EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Vasilios Filippakis Previews ‘Family, Love, Complex’ Story Coming on Hallmark’s Ride! – WATCH

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Vasilios Filippakis Previews 'Family, Love, Complex' Story Coming on Hallmark's Ride! - WATCH

Nancy Travis (The Kominsky Method) and Tiera Skovbye (Riverdale) star on Ride, Hallmark Channel’s new primetime series that is centered on a rodeo dynasty, which is premiering Sunday, March 26. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with Vasilios Filippakis about his experience in the making of the series and what fans can expect. Check out the full interview in the video below!

What’s the main element in Julian’s character and the movie in general that fascinates you the most and drew you to join Ride?

VASILIOS FILIPPAKIS: When I first got the audition for Julian, it was just something different that I haven’t seen in terms of a gay love interest, so it was nice to see something outside of the stereotype that we see in a lot of TV shows, that was like just so normal and grounded in real. So I really loved that about it. I mean, I also loved that it was a cowboy thing. I don’t think I ever pictured myself in a cowboy world of any sort.

So to get those auditions, it is just fun to just imagine what it would be like and that did translate when I got onto set. We filmed on a ranch. We had a lot of rodeo scenes and there was like real stunts and bull riding and tricks. There was just so much of a world that I never really knew about that I now got to experience from being on set, which I thought was so fascinating and it made me fall in love with it. Really, I’m obsessed.

To all the fans looking forward to watching the show, how would you describe Ride in just 3 words?

#1 family. #2 love, which has a lot more than just the surface love, meaning I think there’s a lot of complex love stories that are happening. And #3 complex.

On a personal level, in your opinion where are you and Julian most similar and where most different as human beings?

The journey Julian goes on was funny. There was a day on set where I was sitting with the writer and I just said, you know, they say art imitates life, and that really was what was happening for me. There was a lot of things happening in my personal life that were being mirrored by Julian, which I thought was so fascinating. Also made things challenging in a way. There was that elements of Julian though that I think I just resonate to. He’s very fun, loving. He always really does try to see the best and half a glass full, always very optimistic. He’s just an overall like giving person and who just has such a good heart and I like to think I do as well. So yeah, I think that’s really where we resonated together with.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Vasilios Filippakis Previews ‘Family, Love, Complex’ Story Coming on Hallmark’s Ride! – WATCH

On the acting level instead, what’s been the biggest challenge for you in portraying Julian?

I would say the biggest challenges for Julian, and maybe they aren’t like a character challenge, but as an actor, we have to prepare our scenes before we get to set. It’s not like theater where there’s like rehearsals and you have months to prepare. You get your script and you’re on set next week. So you have to do your work on your own, and that’s with a friend or somebody you trust. And I found there are things that happen on set.

For example, one of my scenes is actually done on the horses, so now you’re horseback riding. I had one-hour horseback-riding lesson before the scene, so to like figure out how to steer your horse and then go through the trees. You’ll see what scene I’m talking about. And you watch it go through this line of the trees while tough my scene partner’s horse kept ramming into mine, so it’s like it’s the challenge of staying in character while all these outside elements are happening.

It was really funny that day. That is what the challenge is, staying in character with everything else going on around you still.

What can you tease about Julian’s journey throughout the movie?

Well, Julian catches the eye of Tough, which happens in the first episode, I think everyone will see that. So they obviously go on a journey together. Julian really wants to be the best he can. He’s a Bronco rider, he wants to be the best Bronco rider he can. He wants to help support his family back home, but he’s not like a well-off individual. He really is just there to put his head down and work hard. And he does have a good work-life balance and I think that’s really important to him for his happiness and I think you’ll see his hard work and kind of his journey in that and what that looks like for him.

If you could choose any other character from Ride, apart from Julian, that you would have loved to play, which one would it be and why?

I would say probably Cash. I think he has such a dynamic and interwoven plot line and there’s so much to his history and background and character to bring to life. So, Cash.

The interview with Vasilios Filippakis has been edited and condensed for length and clarity. Get a look at the full interview in the video at the top of the article!

Ride, starring Nancy Travis and Tiera Skovbye, premieres March 26 on Hallmark Channel. Get a preview here below!

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