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Ashley Newbrough, Christopher Russel and Jennifer Dale star on Operation Nutcracker, a new movie premiered Monday, July 1st at 9/8c on Hallmark Now. We at Survived The Shows had the great pleasure of chatting with star Jennifer Dale, ahead of the premiere, and discuss her involvement in the making of Operation Nutcracker and what can fans expect from it. Check out the full interview in the video below!

Can you tell us a bit about your character in Operation Nutcracker?

Yes. Well, I play Evelyn Warby, who is the mother of Tristan, played by Chris Russell. And I am the head of a foundation, a charitable foundation for which we are having an auction, fundraising event. And it is my hope that I will soon retire from this foundation and that Tristan will take over. So he is in the process of doing the crossover, and I’m hoping that he’s going to fulfill what I want him to do for this particular event. And we run into some snags, of course. I hire a wonderful, lovely event planner played by Ashley Newbrought, who is just lovely. And I have them working together, and I have great hopes for their ability to work together. And, you know, of course, things happen and that’s how it all unfolds.

What initially attracted you to your role in Operation Nutcracker?

Well, if I may be humble and just say they offered me the part, which is not what happens most of the time these days, as you may or may not know, most actors of all levels of their career, unless you’re like, in the very top 1% tier of superstardom, most of us have to audition for everything that we. That we want to play. And in this particular case, as happens very rarely, but very, you know, blessedly, I was just offered the role and I was very pleased by that. And then the director, David Weaver, phoned me and we had a conversation, and I was very touched because he told me that when he was 16 years old, his father took him to see a film at the Toronto Film Festival. This would have been in 1979 or 80s.

And it was a film that was the first film that I starred in when I was first getting into the film business. It was a movie called Suzanne. He had seen that film and it had affected him very profoundly and was partly responsible for him wanting to become a film director in Canada. And he told me that he considered me to be canadian movie mythology. And so I felt very, very warmly embraced coming onto that set, as you might imagine.

The interview with Jennifer Dale has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full interview at the top of the article!

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