EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Star Evelyn Burke Previews Lifetime’s Amish Affair!


Mackenzie Cardwell, Ryan McPartlin, Evelyn Burke and Sebastian Greaves star in Amish Affair, a new, original movie premiering July 6th at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime Channel. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with Star Evelyn Burke, about her experience on the movie “Amish Affair” and a lot more. 

Can you tell us a bit about your character in Amish Affair? 

Her name is Grace. She’s pretty quiet and keeps to herself. She doesn’t have a lot of friends outside of her family and likes hanging out at home with her sister and mom. Her favorite toy is her doll, Mary, and she loves making clothes for Mary with her sister. During the film, Grace forms a really strong bond with Hannah.

What initially attracted you to your role in Amish Affair?

It was a super interesting and totally new type of role for me. I hadn’t really learned much about Amish people before diving into Grace’s character, so it was really cool to learn all about their way of life and how different it is from mine.

What do you think makes this movie so special and captivating?

It’s super grounded in real Amish culture. The producers were always fact-checking to make sure we were accurate. For example, did you know Amish people don’t hold hands while saying grace at dinner? It’s like getting a real peek inside Amish life, which we never get to see. We even had a real-life horse and buggy!

What do you hope audiences take away from watching Amish Affair?

I hope people get a new understanding of what goes on inside an Amish community. Hopefully, it will actually educate some people on what it’s really like.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast on set?

It was one of the most positive places I’ve ever worked. Everyone was so collaborative, from the producers to our amazing director, Robin Hays, and the incredible cast and crew. I felt super lucky to work with everyone on this show. Mackenzie, Ryan, Dana, and Mae Mae were a dream team, and we really did feel like a family by the end.

What can you tease about your character Journey?

Grace goes through a lot in the story. In the Amish community, the elders keep most big things to themselves, so she isn’t told much. Her mom is sick with ALS, and they don’t believe in Western medicine. When things start to get wacky, Grace is in church and hears everything, so she has a pretty emotional journey.

What was your favorite scene or moment while filming Amish Affair?

We shot a bunch of really fun scenes in the fields where Ryan was swinging me around, and we were legit giggling and living our best Amish lives. Another favorite was when we pranked the background actors by breaking out into “Amish Paradise” in the middle of a really serious church scene.

At Survived the Shows, we are big fans of Christmas rom-coms. What is your all-time favorite?

The Princess Switch. 

Can you tease something about your next projects?

I’m also a musical theatre actor, and I’m currently gearing up to perform in the musical version of MEAN GIRLS at the Kay Meek Center in Vancouver, this August.

Amish Affair” with Evelyn Burke will premiere on Saturday, July 6th on Lifetime Channel.

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