EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Star Andrea Menard on Edna’s Journey on Sullivan’s Crossing Season 2 – WATCH

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We at Survived The Shows had the great pleasure of chatting with star Andrea Menard, ahead of the season 2 finale, and discuss her involvement in the making of Sullivan’s Crossing Season 2 and what can fans expect from it. Check out the full interview in the video below!


What initially attracted you to your role in Sullivan Crossing?

Was the fact that it was really positive character as an indigenous person, that’s not always how indigenous people are represented on screen. So for me to play a Metis woman that is picking from pieces of my life, who are picking of my community, that I don’t have to be anybody. I’m not, I just get to play a Metis woman. And the fact that she’s healthy and grounded and has a beautiful relationship and is communicative and is fierce and is also compassionate and tender. I loved all those things because she was very well rounded. She was, she was close to me.

What do you think makes this tv show so special and captivating?

Well, I think, you know, we’ve all changed since the isolation of COVID, right? We’ve changed and there’s some people who are really sick of dark, dark shows, of dark content, of dark, you know, serial killers and this and that. We’re just sick of it. So in many ways, I made a vow to creation, to creator, to bring good medicine to the world. Either it’s by singing or whether it’s by acting or it’s telling stories or teaching. I wanted to bring good medicine, beauty to the world. And so a show like this, I think, is in alignment with that. Tom Jackson has the same prayer that he says out, I just want to save lives.

And he would not be a part of the show, and I would not be a part of the show if it wasn’t touching people in tender ways, in bringing up family crises and trust crises and consequences of our actions. But it’s beautiful, and the land itself is beautiful. We film in Nova Scotia, and it’s stunning. And community is important, and the land is important, and relationships and communication are important, and all those things are what human beings are actually dealing with, we’re actually struggling with. And, yeah, there’s a good dose of romance, a whole bunch of romance which catches people, but it’s also a really heartfelt show, and I think people really need that right now.

The interview with Andrea Menard has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full interview at the top of the article!

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