EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Screenwriter Cara J. Russell Teases “sweet and heartwarming” story on GAC’s ‘ Fall into Winter ‘!


Lori Loughlin and James Tupper star in the new GAW movie “Fall Into Winter”, premiering Saturday, January 28 on Great American Family Network. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with screenwriter Cara J. Russell about her experience in the making of the movie “ Fall into Winter and what fans can expect. 

Lori Loughlin and James Tupper in “Fall into Winter”

What’s the main element in Kerry and Brooks’ characters and the movie in general that fascinates you the most and drew you to write ‘Fall into Winter‘?

I am a chocolate afficinado. My favorite place was a small, family-owned candy shop called The Nectar in Delaware, Ohio, the town where my Grandparents lived. Sadly, the store is not there anymore, but the concept for the movie came from imagining what would happen if a family could no longer run the shop.

As we know quite well so far, GAC movies and shows always feature well-shaped and relatable characters – Where are you and the characters of this movie most similar and where most different as human beings?

This is the third movie I have been honored to write for Great American Family Channel. My others include “The Great Christmas Switch” (2021) and Catering Christmas (2022). GFAM is known for creating wonderful, heart-warming, family friendly Christmas and romantic comedy stories. I love how the characters grow and overcome issues that many people face in their lives, issues that impede their happiness. In this movie, Kerry is a single mother who doesn’t like change. Brooks has been recently hurt by his ex-fiance and is slowly learning to trust again. We all love happy romantic endings which these movies always provide!

What’s been the biggest challenge for you in writing this movie?

I throughly enjoyed writing this movie. Lori Loughlin, who stars at Kerry, was a wonderful collaborator. She had thoughtful input into her character and suggested one of the funnier lines in the movie about her younger candy experimental phase.

To all the fans looking forward to watching the movie, how would you describe ‘Fall into Winter‘?

It is a sweet (literally!) and heartwarming movie about a woman, Kerry, who finds her life turned upside down when her brother sells his half of their family owned candy store to his high school buddy who happens to be Kerry’s old crush and nemesis. Curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocoa to watch this one!

What can you tease about Kerry and Brooks’ journey throughout the movie?

It is going to start out as quite the contentious business partnership. Kerry is less than thrilled that she’s stuck with Brooks. He’s doing this best to make it work but he’s equally frustarted with her lack of financial vision. It’s going to be a bumpy but fun ride as we watch these two come together and ultimately fall in love!

Talking about the environment on set, how would you describe your experience while filming ‘Fall into Winter‘ and do you have any fun anecdotes to share?

Unfortunately, I did not travel to the set on this movie. But they did have a candy expert on set who taught chocolate and candy making classes. It really is an art and a science.

If you could choose a character from ‘Fall into Winterthat you would have loved to play, which one would it be and why?

Kerry, of course. she has a career she loves, and James Tupper is very handsome!

Did you take anything from set, any prop or piece of costume, to remember your experience?

I certainly hope the cast and crew enjoyed some chocolate candy and other sweet treats!

Throwing back to the origins of your career, how did the passion for writing come about in your life?

I have always loved to read and write stories. I studied screenwriting at UCLA (University California Los Angeles). I am always excited to see something that started in my imagination come to life on the screen. It’s magical.

Among all the movies you’ve had the chance to join throughout your career, is there any particular one you’re most fond of?

I love every movie I’ve written, but I’m extremely proud of and excited for everyone to see Fall into Winter. Lori Loughlin and James Tupper do an incredible job, along with Cherion Drakes as Alexandra, Darrin Baker as Jacob, Marc Senior as Adam, Allan Royal as Papa Joel, Janaya Stephens as Erin, Hannah Kanter as Megan, Eve Crawford as Eileen, Gary Levert as Tim Ryan, and the cutest young actor you’ll ever see, Hudson Wurster as James.

If you had to give some advice to people who want to pursue a screenwriting career, which kind of advice would you give them?

My advice to aspiriting screenwriters is to read as many books and screenplays as you can. Study the craft of screenwriting, especially structure, and write about what you are passionate about because it comes across on the page.

Fall into Winter will premiere January 28 only on Great American Family.

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