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From today, we have something extra special in store for you. We’ll explore the minds of talented individuals who took on the challenge of portraying these unforgettable characters from the TV shows of the first years of 2000s that defined an era. We’ll uncover the secrets behind their performances, the journey of character development, and the impact they left on popular culture. We are joined by a star of the popular ABC tv show “Once upon a Time”: Raphael Sbarge who portrays Dr. Archie Hopper and his fairy counterpart Jiminy Cricket in the show. You could also may know him from many more projects as (Risky Business, The Resident, Dexter).

Raphael Sbarge Exclusive Interview

Did you draw inspiration from real-life individuals or other fictional characters to shape your portrayal?

Sbarge: My girlfriend is or was a therapist. All right, so here’s the story. Basically, I was going for the audition and I said to Jenna. I’m going in for this character of Jimmy Cricket and I need some glasses. Do you have any glasses? And she said oh I’ve got these. We’ll try these. So these are the actual glasses I wore on the show. These were hers, and she gave them to me to wear, and they love them so much that they incorporated them into the show, which is. They’re vintage Robert LaRoche glasses, and you can’t find them anymore.

[When] I needed help and it’s been really helpful to go and speak to someone so I’ve certainly had experience with therapy and I am aware of the fact that those things translated for me at the end of the day though you know the writing was not necessarily. It wouldn’t have. It wouldn’t have passed muster with an actual therapy session. Much of what happened was to advance the story. There’s certain things that you just don’t do because it’s unethical. But not that they’re terrible. It’s just that you don’t share information with anyway.

There’s certain things that as far as therapists are concerned that certain lines were crossed but it worked great in the story. If I had a therapy question I would ask Jenna and say: “what about this?”, “what about that?” and how do you handle that and those kind of things were helpful. Lawrence Olivier talked about how acting is the authority to pretend. And I love that because you have to kind of give yourself the ability to be able to with confidence step into the circumstances.

raphael sbarge
Raphael Sbarge

How do you think the character you portrayed in Once upon a Time has left a lasting impact on popular culture?

Sbarge: The writers did an amazing thing where they went back to great myths and stories and iconic characters that have basically are a part of kind of the human experience in a way. It’s interesting because a lot of content gets created in America and doesn’t travel. I mean it plays well in the United States, but it doesn’t play well in Italy or in France or in Germany. People connecting with these characters, people connecting with the stories and the wonderful actors who they cast. I’m so grateful to be a small part of that but I am painfully, deeply aware of the fact that the writing is really the vision of this.

And it’s the writing that really gave us the kind of the amplification into I think against so many different cultures and then touch people’s hearts as great stories do. They give you the hero’s journey. They take you somewhere and they allow you to really kind of think about problems in your life or reimagine way solutions or inform us going back to early Odysseus and the Greeks. Information in them to live life better, and to face challenges and that’s what great stories do. And that’s again I think what’s the best of Once Upon a Time did that.

What message or legacy do you hope the character leaves behind for future generations of viewers?

Sbarge: I’m so happy that because of Disney plus that sort of a new generation of people have discovered it. I love that both men and women love this show that it had a a wonderful cross section of an audience. I also have been told so many times particularly when it we were airing the entire family would gather together and watch the show.

Grandma would love it because she knew all the characters from the Disney movies. The five or six year old loved it if they weren’t too scared by some of the scary parts because it looked it was all so new and fun and then teenagers, the 20 year olds, the 30 year olds, the four year olds and everyone in between.

Seemed it was something for everyone and kind of programming that we have now where so much is really designed for niche audiences and everyone’s watching their own show on their own device in some room. I’m aware of the fact that we are social animals and we do thrive in community and watch this mothers and daughters or fathers and daughters or fathers and sons who told me like “this is our show we watch this together”. That makes me so happy really just like, God, what an astounding thing that they accomplished and that the show really has an audience that isn’t just about a singular person watching it. It makes me particularly happy.

The interview with Raphael Sbarge has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

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