EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Raffa Virago Previews Lifetime’s Dying in Plain Sight!


Lifetime ‘s movie “Dying in Plain Sight”, is all set to premiere on the channel on Saturday, January 20, 2023 at 8/7c. Let’s take a first look! We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with lead actress Raffa Virago, about her experience on the movie “Dying in Plain Sight” and a lot more. 


Can you tell us a bit about your character in Dying in Plain Sight?

Morgan is an insecure teenager, dealing with a difficult situation at home while also going through the messy terrain of what it means to be a teenager. She is incredibly intelligent and feels everything so grandly which is something I admire greatly about Morgan. She is stubborn and determined, maybe a bit too determined. 

What initially attracted you to your role in Dying in Plain Sight?

The story was absolutely incredible, I had never seen anything like it. When talking about Eating disorders especially one like anorexia which has been depicted in a certain way for so long, it was so refreshing to see media cover other true realities of that situation with such care and honesty.

What do you think makes this movie so special and captivating?

Honestly I might be a little biased but seeing all the work behind the scenes and all the respect people had telling this story changed what it meant to me. what makes it so special is the people who were working on this movie from the PAs to the actors. It seemed that everyone no matter who you were could relate to the story we were telling, and I think that made the movie so incredible 

What do you hope audiences take away from watching Dying in Plain Sight?

I have also struggled like Morgan has and I am sure so have many other individuals. I want them to know that we should not put value on our bodies. Like Morgan we spend so much time trying to change our bodies that we end up missing pivotal moments in our lives. I want there to be awareness that there is more to life than what we look like.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast on set?

Awesome, there are no words that can explain how talented and special this cast was. Shoutout to my screen mama Nicola Correia Damude who helped me immensely to pull this off.  On top of being amazing performers they were kind amazing people and that is all you can hope for.

What can you tease about your character Journey?

It’s a wild one.

What was your favorite scene or moment while filming Dying in Plain Sight?

The first gym scene with Kim and Erica was one of my favourite scenes because it was giving me a little break from the pain and sorrow. seeing little glimpses of joy in Morgan and just in a scene was really nice to have.

Can you tell us about any challenges you faced while filming Dying in Plain Sight? and how you overcame them?

I felt a lot of imposter syndrome, since this movie is a lot of my firsts, first lead, first movie I feared that I wouldn’t be equipped to handle all of the pressure. Then reality hit and it’s the first day on set and everyone is so lovely and I realized that this is my job and someone chose me to be here it started to fade away, but I think choosing to be present and enjoy what was happening really helped me 

Change of subject, What have been some of the most memorable projects you have worked on throughout your career, and why?

I was in this web series called Macy Murdoch spin off of Murdock Mysteries on CBC Gem and I would say it was life changing for me as an actor. Working with other young people and doing work that wasn’t necessarily in my comfort zone allowed me to become a versatile performer so I thank them greatly for that.

Can you tease something about your next projects?

On the works :)))))

Dying in Plain Sight‘ with Raffa Virago premiered on Saturday, January 20th on Lifetime Movie Network.

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