EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Princess Davis Previews Hallmark’s Holiday Road! – WATCH

Sara Canning and Warren Christie star in Holiday Road, premiering November 24 on Hallmark Channel. Let’s take a first look!

Sara Canning and Warren Christie star in Holiday Road, a new, original movie premiering November 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT as part of the Countdown to Christmas movie line-up on Hallmark Channel. We at Survived The Shows had the amazing chance to chat with star Princess Davis, who teased what we can expect from Hallmark’s Holiday Road and discussed her experience in it. Watch the full interview below!


Can you tell us a bit about the storyline of “Holiday Road”?

PRINCESS DAVIS: So the storyline of Holiday Road surrounds 8 characters. We’re all trying to make it home for the holidays.
It’s Christmas time and we’re all in Portland, but we’re trying to get to Denver and all the flights are cancelled. So we’re all feeling kind of crazy and hopeless and it’s kind of scary. But then we have an idea to rent a van and drive across the country to get to Denver.
So we all jump in a van, but we’re all we’re all so different. I’m super like girly. I’m a little influencer. And then there’s a mother and a son.
There’s a married couple, there’s a girl who doesn’t really believe in love, a guy who believes in love.

So we all are coming from different places and we’re all so different. But then we learn throughout our journey that there’s a lot of similarities between us all and we really learn how to connect as individuals and as a group. We learn so much along the way. And I think we all arrive at our destination, a different person. We all arrive transformed. So it’s a beautiful story about community and about how important it is to really surround yourself with people who are different than you because there’s so much to learn and there’s so much to love about them. It’s such a beautiful story and I’m excited for you guys to see it.

What do you think makes the romance in the movie so special and captivating?

PRINCESS DAVIS: I think what makes the romance in this movie so captivating and special is because it’s not really expected and the girl’s the one who’s like, no, I don’t want love. It’s hard for me to find that. Like, I’m just trying to experience life. And I feel like traditionally it’s kind of the other way. It’s mostly the guy who’s like I don’t want to love. I can’t love kind of thing. And the girl’s like, open your eyes. But in this case, it’s a guy who’s kind of like open your eyes and see. And I think what makes this movie so special is that their love that they find at the end is based on friendship. You know, it’s really based on friendship. And I’d also say this, the romance in this movie is more than just the two leads of it. I feel like every character in that movie has love in some way.

I learn how to love myself and I have a great love for my character Destiny, who kind of teaches me lessons on how to love myself more and how to be more grounded.

The mom and the husband: They learn how to love themselves more. I think they learn how to love their son and love everything about them. And you know, there’s, I feel like each character in their dynamics, they have great romance within the other characters. And I think this movie is so beautiful because it is a movie about love. It’s a movie about love in so many different ways and exactly. My character actually says love in all its many forms. And I think that’s what makes this movie so special because it’s about love in all its many forms, not just the one form that we’re used to seeing in girlfriend/boyfriend. But there’s so much love in this movie, and I think that’s what makes it special.

The interview with Princess Davis has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

Holiday Road with Princess Davis premiered November 24 on Hallmark Channel.

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