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Noemi Gonzalez (Selena The Series) and Stephen Huszar (Chesapeake Shores) star in a brand new Christmas movies entitled Undercover Holiday, which premeried December 4 on Hallmark Channel. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with Noemi Gonzalez about her experience in the making of the movie. Check out the full interview in the video below!

What’s the main element in Jaylen’s character and the movie in general that fascinates you the most and drew you to join Undercover Holiday?

NOEMI GONZALEZ: It was the opportunity to be a very proud Mexican American artist and to share our traditions and our culture for this holiday. You know, it’s it’s really a nice time of the year for everyone for the most part. And it was really cool to demonstrate how welcoming and prideful our culture is and to have that in Jaylen as a woman. As a singer, as an artist. And so it really drew me to fulfill it the role as much as possible.

Where are you and Jaylen most similar and where most different as human beings?

NG: We’re very similar in a lot of ways. I don’t see how different we are, but I see how similar we are. I see that we’re both artists, we’re both proud of our heritage, we want to express it and channel it in our artistry. I see that we want to be authentically ourselves, that we want other people to know who we truly are, instead of having people assume who we are and.

It was really comforting to to play her because everything that I feel was made louder by this character, by this platform. So it’s really beautiful script written by Nina Wineman. Umm, how are we different, I mean. I guess because of it’s a movie, you know she’s majority happy all the time. But I’m human. So, you know, we all have our off days. But yeah but I I loved her character. I love, I loved playing her.

Noemi Gonzalez and Stephen Huszar as Jaylen and Matt on Undercover Holiday – Credit: Hallmark/Crown Media

The movie premiered December 4 on Hallmark Channel, but if there is any fan out there that haven’t watched the movie yet, how would you describe Undercover Holiday in just 3 words?

NG: Fun. Heartwarming. Sazòn.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you in portraying Jaylen?

NG: In regards to acting, I think for me it was doing everything at once. In three weeks I was acting, I was singing, I was dancing and I did one stunt with the rolling pin. So to do that in three weeks, I understand someone being able to do it easily when they’re just acting and telling a Christmas story, but I had a lot more on my plate and then not to mention the cultural element as the prime primary latinx figure in the cast.

I definitely leaned on my family members when I needed some confirmation, but I had to make sure that all the cultural things were correct. I had to make sure that everything was authentic and legitimate. So I had the I had more pressure on this, and it’s also the first time that I’m a lead, so I made sure that I carried that with grace and that I. Was able to to do it. So those were the things that were kind of challenging kind of more the. The holding of the booking, but not necessarily the acting, you know?

Noemi Gonzalez as Jaylen and Gabriela Reynoso as Abuela on Undercover Holiday – Credit: Hallmark / Crown Media

If you had the chance to play any other character from Undercover Holiday, apart from Jaylen, which one would you have loved to play and why?

NG: I hope that I could play my grandma’s character when I’m older and in my own way, and then my own storyline whenever that happens for me, God willing, because I just thought she was a great multifaceted character and you don’t see you’re starting to see that more. But it’s very new to finally see older people playing as multidimensional as a young beautiful ingenue or. A young, beautiful Romeo. Like it’s just like now we see so much more character. And so I really liked her character. I I would love to play her when I’m when I get to that place in life, that stage.

A few years ago you had the chance to work on a very beautiful and popular show on Netflix: Selena The Series. What’s your best memory out of that experience? How was it like for you to work with Christian Serratos and all the other cast members, portraying this beautiful story?

NG: There’s so many good memories, so many good memories, you know, on camera, off camera. Offset on location we filmed in Mexico. So there’s so many beautiful memories, but I think really for me it was getting on that stage, it does something to you.

You know, everyone’s always on a ground level. But when you go up some steps that are intended for on level up so that you can give energy to the people.

I try to get up like I imagined Suzette would get up with her body language and her, you know, ready to drum. And then when I started playing, it’s kind of like the priest or the ordainer has the best seat in the house at a wedding. They get to see the lovely couple and the rest of their family and support behind them.

Me as the drummer, the backbone of the bee. I just had this perspective that nobody else had and I got to connect with Selena’s music in a way that I didn’t expect. I love Selena’s music, I always did, but now love it as a drummer and feel her music. It was a different connection that was it chills. That was beyond what I was expecting. So it was a real gift. It was really fun.

I guess a quick fun one was the first time we did Como la flor, album version.

We were in a theater in Tijuana and we turn the camera on the audience and all the cast and crew was the drummer this time and the guitarist and piano, the props guy was piano and we were on stage like singing to the audience and like we were seeing Selena and I felt like she could hear us. Something special happened with everyone that was in the theater that day, that moment. So that was a really cool quick moment.

Noemi Gonzalez as Suzette Quintanilla on Netflix’s Selena The Series – Credit: Netflix

The interview with Noemi Gonzalez has been edited for length and clarity. Watch the full interview at the top of the article!

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