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Emily Tennant and Niall Matter star in Holiday Hotline, a new, original movie premiering November 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT as part of the Countdown to Christmas movie line-up on Hallmark Channel. Niall Matter, who plays Jack in Hallmark’s Holiday Hotline shared his character’s journey and what fans can expect from the movie!

Can you share with us how you prepared for the role of Jack in “Holiday Hotline”? What aspects of the character did you find most intriguing or challenging to portray?

I am a father, I’ve got a daughter and a son, so check already a dad. I also have had to take on Turkey duty during the time which we shall not mention. When all of us were locked indoors, I decided that I would prepare the Turkey for the family. So I very much know the world that Jack was in and how over your head you can become your first time, especially when you decide to brine the Turkey like I did. Anyway, they turned out awesome, so I knew. I knew that coming in.
And I think it caught Mark Jean, our director, and Joey Plager, our executive producer, off guard a bit with how passionate I was about Turkey cooking. Anyway, What aspects of the character did I find most intriguing? Well, originally the script was very different. It was a very different script.
And the the father was actually a father to a son.
And I found that really intriguing to play the father, son relationship because I have done the father, daughter relationship a lot in previous projects.

The movie revolves around the theme of connecting through a holiday hotline. How do you think the concept of a hotline adds a unique and charming element to the storyline?

I think it’s pretty cool because it takes it back to an old school way of communication or a traditional way of communication. You know, where you actually pick up the phone and you get somebody on the other end. I can’t even tell you the countless times I have called someone and then they text me back immediately. It seems to be the way that society is going, and it’s a shame because there’s nothing like hearing that person’s voice on the other end of the line to which to respond to whatever you say.

Humor is all there. Sarcasm is there. You know? Nothing’s missed.

I find that modern day society, we focus on emailing and text messaging and it’s a shame because you miss a lot of the nuances. So the thing I like about this is that all those nuances are there. You know, you get to hear two people connecting. They can’t see each other. The audience gets to and the audience actually gets to see us at the same time because of the way that Mark Jean creatively shot this movie. Emily Tennant, who was my Co star and is so amazing in this movie by the way her and I are, we’re actually in the same room, but we’re talking as if we aren’t in the same room and we’re just over the phone line, which was really cool to shoot that way.

And I think that the fact that it’s over the holidays, it just adds another element of of of romance to it. I think a lot of people over the holidays, you know, they get a little nostalgic and and hopeful and and a little bit more open I think for the potential of of of new love, if you will.

The interview with Niall Matter has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

Holiday Hotline with Niall Matters premiered November 19 on Hallmark Channel.

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