EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Luke Charles Stafford Discusses Rick’s Journey on Lifetime’s Road Trip Hostage!


Veronica Ramirez and Luke Charles Stafford star in “Road Trip Hostage” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, April 29 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Lifetime. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with star Luke Charles Stafford about his experience in the making of the movie and what fans can expect. Check out the full interview below!

Can you describe your character’s journey throughout the movie and how he transforms over the course of the story?

Yes. Well, when I got my hands on the script, I could see pretty quickly that Rick is a good, but, deeply troubled young man, lost to the trauma of the death of his mother. Ultimately, when I dug deeper, I saw Rick as someone like the rest of us. Attached to the desire of affirmation that can only come  from a father. When we find Rick, we can see that his internal identity on that is challenged by that very source itself, and while he doesn’t aim to do bad, is caught up in the heat of his internal dilemma, leading to rash choices and decision-making. By the film’s end, however, you might find yourself seeing Rick faced with a new question: “Who is that I choose to be?”.

If you had to describe Rick Frye using only emojis, which ones would you choose?


If you could switch roles with any character in “Road Trip Hostage” who would it be and why?

Ahh, well, Mr. Christopher Sky plays a mean detective, and I think that would be a fun role to give a swing at in the future!

What’s the weirdest thing that happened on set while filming “Road Trip Hostage”?

Maybe not weird, but a funny thought that comes to mind, is that Abigail, one of our incredible crew members is still saved as “Aunt Mary” in my phone after she sent those texts in our bathroom scene. (Thanks Auntie! You were great.) Oh, that, and our 2nd AD Nathan DeLormier showed up dressed as Santa Claus one day for a zoom meeting he had during our lunch. Totally normal. Haha. Love that crew! I am very thankful to work with them.

Veronica Ramirez & Luke Charles Stafford on set – Ph. Veronica Ramirez

What did you enjoy most about working with your co-stars on the film?

Ahh, they were all great. I appreciated working with all of them, including Ms. Ramierez. Veronica and I had an understanding it seemed, and I loved that. In between takes, we both wanted the best dynamic we could produce for the scene, with very limited time and takes. (Sometimes, only one or two.) We’d both discuss our characters, see how we could find a way to connect with each other narratively from our individual approaches, and then let it fly. Being on one accord with your partner in any scene is a gift, and I also found this to be the case with her, and every other cast member. Something I am so grateful for.

What do you think is the most important message viewers can take away from the movie?

There are a few good ones in here. However, ultimately I think there is a strong message around who, or what we choose to place our sense of worth in. Be careful what that is I’d caution, because as we see with Rick, placing one’s identity in the wrong things can lead to great pain, loss, heartache, and cause us to even act against our own sense of character.

What do you hope audiences take away from the film, both in terms of entertainment and deeper themes?

Well, I hope that as a whole audiences can learn from the mistakes of Rick, his father, and Emma’s sense of identity as well. I guess you’ll just have to watch to see! – Also, maybe think twice before you offer a stranger a ride to the airport. 😉 

What do you think makes “Road Trip Hostage” unique among other thriller movies?

I think that Kaila (our director) did a fantastic job creating a landscape for us to tell a proper story thematically. In these films, we often can tell the end from the beginning, and I think she did a great job leaving us wondering what Rick’s final choice will be.

Luke Charles Stafford, Kaila York & Veronica Ramirez on the set of Road Trip Hostage – PH. Veronica Ramirez

Road Trip Hostage, starring Veronica Ramirez & Luke Charles Stafford, premiered April 29 on Lifetime.

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