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Netflix will have Sweet Magnolias fans pouring it out all summer when the show’s 10-episode season 3 is (finally!) released on Thursday, July 20. We at Survived The Shows had the great pleasure of chatting with Logan Allen, who plays Kyle, about his role, and what we can expect from the series’ season 3. Check out the full interview in the video below!

What’s the main element in Kyle’s character and Sweet Magnolias in itself that fascinates you the most and convinced you to join the show?

LOGAN ALLEN: Sweet Magnolias is a show about family, community, relationships, friendships and how important that is. I think, since the show came out over when COVID first hit and when everybody was in their house and everything, it was a show that a lot of people needed to feel connected to their community in one way. So I feel like a lot of people could connect with it in that sense, and same thing with Kyle. He is a very relatable character for a lot of teenagers: he’s kind of the middle child, he kind of goes with the flow, even though he’s dealing with his own emotional problems and I think a lot of people could relate with them in that way.

So the one thing that partially leads to the success of it, is the fact that it’s a very relatable show and a lot of people can sit down, turn it on and laugh and cry and just have a good time watching it. You see all the different perspectives from all the different characters, and I think that’s really important because you learn a lot. There’s a lot of life lessons in the show as well because there are the different generations; you have the the kids, you have the parents, then you have the grandparents. I think it’s really cool to see that dynamic play out on screen and it can affect your real life as well.

Logan Allen as Kyle Townsend on Sweet Magnolias Season 1 – Credit: Netflix

Speaking of Season 3, how would you describe the season for all the fans that have been looking forward to it?

LOGAN ALLEN: Yeah, it’s been a while [since Season 2] [Laughs] You’re going to laugh, you’re going to cry, you’re going to have a really good time watching it and I think this is probably the funniest season yet. You’re going to be dying laughing in a bunch of these episodes. Episode 3 in particular is one that I’m very excited, it’s very funny and people are really going to enjoy it. And then the episodes after that you’ll cry. Something that I’m really excited for everybody to see is also newer characters. We have a bunch of new characters coming in and a lot of backstory to characters we already know about, which is very, very cool.

What can you tease about Kyle’s character arc this season?

LOGAN ALLEN: I think Kyle’s just trying to find himself, whether that’s with relationships, friendships. There’s a lot going on there. You get to see even more of how the carcrash affected him, because there’s that piece that’s always with them. You’ll see a lot of the emotional stress that comes from that and how it affects him and the people around him still to this day. Kyle also has a lot of scenes with people that you haven’t seen. So there’s a lot of new stuff in the season, a lot of new characters, new instances, new circumstances and more drama, of course. So a lot of fun stuff.

Throughout the series, he is at odds with his older brother, Ty, over their conflicting feelings about their parents’ split. What can people expect from their relationship in Season 3?

LOGAN ALLEN: The Ty and Kyle relationship is very very interesting. Number 1, Carson who plays Ty is awesome, we’re pretty close in real life. He’s an awesome guy, very sweet and a really good actor. So those things we always do with each other are my personal favorite just because we bounce off one another so well. We really do have that brother dynamic in real life as well.

I think they really dive deep into that in season 3 as well because in Season 2, Kyle was kind of pushing him off to the side after the car. He pretty much yelled at everybody in the show, but especially Ty, and then even Katie and and I think in this season in particular you see a lot of Ty and Kyle becoming more friends and and diving into more of that relationship. There are a lot of big moments between them that I think people are really, really gonna enjoy and you get to see more of that brother dynamic, more than ever. I’m really excited for that and I think that’s one of my favorite relationships this season.

Logan Allen and Carson Rowlings as Kyle and Tyler Townsend on Sweet Magnolias Season 3 – Credit: Netflix

It was also really beautiful to explore Kyle and Noreen (Jamie Lynn Spears) ’s friendship as well. Will we be able to see more about it in Season 3?

LOGAN ALLEN: Jamie Lynn’s great. Very, very sweet. It’s always awesome to work with her. I was a big fan of Zoe 101 growing up. So it’s really cool. Yeah, you definitely see a lot of that in season 3 as well, that’s not going anywhere. You also dive into a little bit of Noreen, of course, now that she has the baby. I don’t want to say too much about it but there is a lot of fun stuff with Noreen’s character and the baby and then all that. It’s very exciting.

Jamie Lynn Spears as Noreen on Sweet Magnolias Season 3 – Credit: Netflix

If you could choose any other character to play on Sweet Magnolias, outside of Kyle, which one would it be and why?

LOGAN ALLEN: Just one that has a lot of fun stuff going for it. My favorite character in the show would be Helen, but I think Heather plays that so well. A character I really, really want to play and that is just so intriguing to me because he’s so mysterious is Cal.

Justin Bruening is phenomenal. He plays that character very, very well and he makes that character almost very ominous and there’s a lot of unknown to him. I would love to dive into that a little bit and play more of a mysterious character like that because there’s so much to Cal’s backstory that we don’t know. I asked [Justin] questions about that all the time. So big shout out to Justin. He’s a phenomenal actor and the way he plays him is just so intriguing. I think Cal is is one of my favorite characters in the show just because of the how much unknown there is.

Do you have any upcoming new projects to share with us?

LOGAN ALLEN: Nothing we can really share. I’m always staying busy though. I have a podcast that I kind of host, that’s called ‘Actors POV’. I’m going to be starting up a little acting thing here in Orlando FL. So that’s going to be fun. I’m just kind of trying to stay busy in the acting world in some way but in project-wise nothing I can really speak about. One more thing though, Me and my buddy just made a short film called ‘The Dark Room’. It’s like a 9-minute horror movie, really scary. So we’re editing that right now and that’s going to be on YouTube and stuff in the upcoming months. So I’m very, very excited about that.

Sweer Magnolias, which also stars Logan Allen, is back with Season 3 on Netflix on July 20. Get a preview below!

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