EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Star JaNae Armogan Previews LMN’s Death Down the Aisle – WATCH


Jess Brown, JaNae Armogan and Jayne Heitmeyer star in Death Down the Aisle, a new, original movie premiered Thursday June 13th at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime Movie Network. We at Survived the Shows had the incredible chance to speak with star JaNae Armogan, who teased Lifetime’s Death Down the Aisle and her experience in the movie. Check out the full interview in the video below!


Can you tell us a bit about your character in Death Down The Aisle?

I play Francesca Morris, who is the best friend of the lead, played by Jessie. She’s getting married, as we all know, and suddenly her husband dies as she is walking down the aisle. So it is a mystery as to who it was, why and what happens next. I don’t want to give too much because it airs tonight, so I’m sure you guys will figure it out and find out on your own. So I don’t want to give too much information, but it is a good movie. It’s a good script. It’s one of the most thrilling I’ve done so far.

What initially attracted you to your role in Death Down The Aisle?

I think her Persona, her aura, her presence, her personality. She’s a businesswoman, she’s together, she’s confident, she’s in control of her life. And you can tell that her and her best friend have an amazing bond that I appreciate because I can relate and having it with my twin sister. So there was a lot of relation there for me in being able to be there for my sister’s wedding. Although nobody died, it was an amazing wedding.

It was successful just being close to her, having her back, having her depend on me figuring out what went wrong because it’s my hotel that it happened at. So I’m obviously flabbergasted at the fact that this could even happen and partly feel responsible because it’s my hotel. So who did it? Is it an employee? What happened? How come I didn’t know? Because I am the boss. How did I miss this? I guess because I’m just so excited for her big day. But I loved her aura and the confidence that she carried and the relationship she had with her character, with her best friend, Jessie.

The interview with JaNae Armogan has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

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