EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lead Briana Skye Previews Lifetime’s ‘Mommy Meanest’!


Lisa Rinna and Briana Skye star in the movie Mommy Meanest premiered on Lifetime Channel on Saturday May 11th, 2024 at 8/7c. We at Survived The Shows had the incredible chance to talk with lead Briana Skye, who teased the movie and her experience in Mommy Meanest. Check out the full interview below!

Behind the Scenes of Mommy Meanest: Briana Skye and costars Lisa Rinna, Bradley Stryker and Delilah Hamlin.

Can you tell us a bit about your character in Mommy Meanest?

I play Mia, the teenage daughter of Madelyn, Lisa Rinna’s character. At a young age, Mia’s parents got divorced. She grew up with a deep-rooted resentment towards her father Erik (Bradley Stryker) and developed an incredibly unhealthy codependency with her mother. Mia’s trust and daddy issues have wounded her deeply, causing her to live in fear of being hurt and second guessing people’s actual intentions. Harassed and bullied by kids at her private school for not coming from an elite family, Mia has always felt misunderstood. Her best friend Eliot (Jonathan Simao) is the only person who really gets her and makes her feel seen. Mia is incredibly insecure, vulnerable, and has an
endearing innocence. A black cat layered with complexities, underneath Mia’s guarded nature lies a girl whose voice is more powerful than she thinks and her strength far greater than her fears.

What initially attracted you to your role in Mommy Meanest?

I’m fascinated with the psychology behind what makes people do what they do. How people operate, understanding the similarities and differences to my own personality, and the intricacies of human behavior; this is what excites me about developing a character. Mommy Meanest is a Lifetime movie based on a heartbreaking true story of a mother who harasses her own daughter with countless demeaning and demoralizing texts and messages on social media accounts. She psychologically abuses her daughter making it seem as if her friends and other people are the ones against her. The underlying complexity behind this dark story is what drew me in. I’m intrigued by what I
don’t understand, and I was honored to be entrusted with telling this girl’s story.

What do you think makes this movie so special and captivating?

The movie’s theme- bullying- will undoubtedly be relatable. Whichever side you found yourself, whether bullying or being picked on, there’s a message to be learned. This movie also deeply explores mental health issues. On one side, there’s anxiety, depression, and a struggle with suicidal tendencies. On the other, narcissism and Munchausen’s syndrome. As someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression, I
wanted to share my truth and reflect some light on mental health; to help others feel seen and know they are not alone. What makes this movie so special is that it’s based on a true story, and like Mia, you can find the fire within you to overcome any adversity to move forward to live your best life.

What do you hope audiences take away from watching Mommy Meanest?

There is a powerful message to find strength within yourself to rise despite the adversity you face in life. Mia’s world was obliterated by the person she thought loved her the most, yet she still found the power within her to move forward and pursue the life she felt she deserved. For those in Mia’s shoes: Never give up on yourself and your dreams. For those on the outside: you never know what’s going on in someone else’s world, and what heartbreak or internal struggle people are battling. We have the power to uplift people or the power to cut people down. I believe we need to be the change we want to see in the world. The world is cruel enough, so at the very least just be kind. ❤

What was it like working with the rest of the cast on set?

We had an absolutely phenomenal cast! Most of my scenes were with Lisa, who was a dream- what an icon and inspiration. On and off screen, Lisa’s presence is so powerful and commanding. She is real, genuine, and silly. She moves through life to her own soundtrack, bringing the most amazing fire and energy to everyone around her. I really appreciated her talks with me about life and being able to make all of your dreams come true… “You just got to do it!”. Then we have my dope high school crew. I initially met Jonathan (my bestie Eliot) in the hair and makeup trailer and before introducing myself I joked and said… “Did we just become best friends?” We ended up having the most effortless rapport that felt like we have known each other a lifetime. True story- we actually made up that handshake on
the spot while filming. I could go on about every cast member and share a story but then this article would never end. I was lucky to establish a relationship with all my cast mates, even if I didn’t have a scene with them. And I thank them for bringing each character to life and being part of this cool journey.

What was your favorite scene or moment while filming Mommy Meanest?

My favorite scene in the movie ended up being a scene that wasn’t in the original script. It’s the scene where Mia reveals to her mom that she’s starting to have dark thoughts about hurting herself again. It’s such a real moment that makes you feel for this girl and it truly hit home for me. The nature of shooting this part of the story is also what I enjoyed so much. It was very in the moment, as revisions were being made on the spot, and I was working closely with the director, Greg Beeman, who really took me under his wing throughout the whole shoot. This was the moment I felt everything came together for my character.

At Survived the Shows, we are big fans of Christmas comedies. What is your all-time favorite?

My personal Christmas classic is Mean Girls! I know it’s technically not a Christmas movie- other than when Lindsay Lohan and the girls are dancing to jingle bell rock. It’s Regina George’s mom (Amy Poehler) dancing along instead of recording them that absolutely kills me! I made this movie my personal Christmas tradition. It’s hilarious.

Change of subject, What have been some of the most memorable projects you have worked on throughout your career, and why?

I have a few fav projects but for all very different reasons. I got to work with Vincent D’Onofrio on Ghost Wars. That notorious scene from Full Metal Jacket with Vincent’s character, Pvt. Pyle, is forever burnt into my brain. So that was a very cool moment working with someone that left such an impression on me. It was my first acting gig and although my capacity on the show was small, it didn’t matter to Vincent.

He genuinely cared about every actor in the scene and he displayed a kind of leadership and love for his craft that has always stuck with me. He inspired me to show up with the same kind of attentiveness and thoughtfulness for everyone you work with. The other project very close to my heart is Van Helsing. The duality of my character was such a pleasure to play as she is tormented with her past life as a human and the
recognition of the “monster” she became. It was such a fun role to play a blood sucker, and I met really cool people from it!

Mommy Meanest” starring Briana Skye will premiere on Saturday, May 11th on Lifetime Channel.

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