EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Laura Marano Breaks Down Her Music Career & New Album!

We at Survived The Shows had the amazing chance to speak with Laura Marano about her passion for music, her new album 'i may be an actress but i can't fake what a feel' and what's next for her music career. Check out the full interview below!

Laura Marano may be best known as an actress, but there’s nothing like music to express her feelings. The actress and singer has always loved music since she was a child and after the immediate success of her debut EP, ME, she’s releasing a new album ‘i may be an actress, but i can’t fake how i feel’ this September. We at Survived The Shows had the amazing chance to speak with Laura about her passion for music, her new album and what’s next for her music career. Check out the full interview below!

How did the passion for music and singing come about in your life?

LAURA MARANO: I think I always loved music, ever since I was a toddler. I was writing songs and singing those songs to anyone who would listen. I just loved it so much.

What’s the one song you’ve always loved to sing at the top of your voice?

LAURA MARANO: Ooh, this is a great question! There are so many! I think Bohemian Rhapsody or Somebody to Love – those are two songs that I just absolutely adore with all my heart, and I love screaming the lyrics.

Is there any particular artist that inspired you to pursue your musical dream?

LAURA MARANO: I am a huge fan of Joni Mitchell and Carole King. I am also constantly inspired by Taylor Swift. I think she is so brilliant in so many ways.

Your new album ‘i may be an actress, but i can’t fake how i feel’, is set to come out this September. How would you describe it if you had only 3 words?

LAURA MARANO: “Sad Girl Autumn”

What do you hope listeners will take away from it?

LAURA MARANO: I hope anyone who listens to it at a low point of their life is able to feel like there is light on the other side. I worked on the album in a time of my life that felt very chaotic and hard, and I feel very thankful I was able to process everything I was feeling by writing this album. I hope people are able to process their feelings by listening to this music.

Which was your main inspiration for this album?

LAURA MARANO: So many things! I think I had so many feelings I hadn’t fully processed yet. Whether they were about my past romantic relationships, my relationship with my career, or my relationship with myself, I had so much I wanted to say that I really had never said before. I really wanted to be as vulnerable and honest as possible with this album.

I know it’s like asking a mom to pick one among her children but what’s your favourite song from this album?

LAURA MARANO: This truly is so tough! I love all my song children so much! Someday is definitely a very important song to me, and I do love all of the interludes so much. Then again, I love this whole album so much, so it genuinely very hard to pick!

Are you planning to take this album out on a tour in the next few months? Would you love to?

LAURA MARANO: I would absolutely love to! I don’t know when I’m going to be on the road because I definitely feel very called to take a break right now. I wanted to finish this album, something I’ve literally been working on for years, and finally share it with the world. Beyond that, I don’t know what the future holds!

If you had to give an advice to young people among our readers who would like to pursue a career in acting or singing, what kind of advice would you give them?

I think from a technical level, it’s important to always be working on your craft. You can always improve, and that’s what can make these industries exciting. On a personal level -and I think this applies to people not just in these industries but all industries -follow your heart. I know it is a little cliche, but it’s true. Constantly check in with yourself and your heart about what you want, and try to honor that as much as possible.

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