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Kristi Murdock and Adam Harper star in the new Lifetime thriller movie My Husband’s Seven Wives, premiering January 28th at 8/7c on the network. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with lead actress Kristi Murdock about her experience in the making of My Husband’s Seven Wives and what fans can expect from the movie. 


In the storyline, Maggie and Pam initially see each other as adversaries. Can you elaborate on the evolution of your character’s relationship with Pam and how it changes over the course of the plot?

So Maggie ends up meeting Pam kind of accidentally. And it first starts out very kind of scary because I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. But Pam is not happy to see me and I’m kind of snooping in her house. And so of course, anytime you find someone snooping, you try to defend yourself, right? And then quickly we realize that my husband is also her husband at the same time. And so it’s very shocking for both of us and I think there takes, there’s even a moment where Maggie is still very upset that there is someone else and because she’s a newlywed she’s literally just been married. It’s their one year anniversary coming up and she’s just like she cannot even fathom the idea of that.

She can’t even she can’t like wrap her brain around the fact that her husband, the man that she’s so in love with, is actually also not just having an affair but like married to someone else, you know. So over time throughout the movie, you see this really beautiful kinship between the two ladies begin to develop and kind of them unraveling each other’s stories and finding out that you know all the different details of of each other’s weddings, of of how long they’ve been together. And you know anytime he leaves me, is he going to her? And so we kind of like figure out all these little details over the course of the movie and you see this really beautiful friendship begin to develop between the ladies. And then not just a friendship, but like a united goal to uncover the rest of the story.

In the aftermath of the events in “My Husband’s Seven Wives,” what lessons does your character and viewers learn about love, trust, and the importance of female solidarity?

I would say certainly a good lesson is for women is to play an active role in the important things in your relationship like your finances. You know, my mother has been married before and the traditional role of a wife is we let the husband kind of take care of all those things. And and the terrible thing is, is if that husband is somehow having an affair or leaves the family, then the mother or the wife has no idea what’s been going on.

And credit, has been ruined. But for women, they’ve been saddled with with debt from from their husband leaving relationships because they just did not have any idea what was going on. And so I think it’s really important for women to take an active role in in making sure that they are protected and safe in in case anything were to happen, just in case and just be your own best advocate, I would say, and protect yourself, ’cause you never know, you never know.

The interview with Kristi Murdock has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

My Husband’s Seven Wives with Kristi Murdock premieres January 28th on Lifetime Channel.

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