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Jason W. Wang is an accomplished actor who has appeared in numerous productions such as Freeform’s “Good Trouble“, Here TV’s “Not So Straight in Silverlake”, HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant“, NBC’s “This is Us“, ABC’s “A Million Little Things”, The CW’s “The Flash”, and Hulu’s “Chance”. Jason can also be seen in the latest season of Netflix’s “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson”, and the season three finale of Apple TV’s “The Morning Show”. We at Survived the Shows had the incredible chance to speak with star Jason W. Wang, who about his experience on the set of hit show This is us, Good Trouble and his career in general. Check out the full interview in the video below!

We are particurarly fond of This is us and Good Trouble. Can you share something about your experience on these projects?

JASON W. WANG: Well, I have to say This Is Us was such a great experience, and it was an honor to be on the episode where Mandy Moore made her directing debut. That was the first time she’d ever directed, and she was also acting later that day, so she was made-up to look really old. And since it was also during COVID and COVID Protocols, she was also wearing a mask at the time because she was behind the camera. So when she walked up to me to introduce herself, I didn’t recognize her at all and actually kind of jumped back a little bit because I was surprised.

And when I worked on Good Trouble, the series lead, Cierra Ramirez was the first person to welcome me to set. She made me feel so incredibly welcomed and included. And to have a young woman of color as well as the series lead behave like that, to behave like such a great leader, it really gave me hope for the future and for the industry. And she just walked up to me and she said ‘Hi. Have you been checked in yet? Do you know where your trailer is?’ You know, let me get someone over to help you. That was just amazing.

It was a reminder that the way you behave towards others, no matter what their role is, you know, it can really set the right tone for everyone on set. And I’m always going to remember those people and those good experiences, and I hope that I can pass along that same kind of positive energy with other people that I work with.

Can you tell us something about “House Fire” and what it means to you?

JASON W. WANG: Well, House Fire is a collection of poetry and short stories written by my late husband, Jim Naraki, who died of cancer five years ago. And although some of his work had been previously published in magazines and anthologies and literary journals, he always wanted to leave his mark on the world with a book. He just wanted to be remembered and to be remembered in print. He wasn’t able to see this happen before he died, so I took it upon myself to carry on his mission. And I reached out to a Brooklyn publisher whose mission was to actually champion first time authors.

I wrote them a heartfelt letter about Jim and his struggles with cancer and the traditional publishing industry. And I think something must have moved them because they agreed to publish his work. And even though I briefly worked in magazine publishing and print design before, I had never worked on a book. So this is a completely new experience, and the publisher, Leland Chook, said let’s make a book that Jim’s going to be proud of. I think we did it. And seeing someone else’s dream through is I think the ultimate act of love.
I’m glad that I was able to do that for Jim. And I’d like to think that we would all go to similar lengths for someone that we love.

The interview with Jason W. Wang has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

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