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Noi di Survived The Shows abbiamo avuto il grande piacere di parlare via Zoom con Hugh Ross, che interpreta Arch Bug, della sua esperienza in Outlander, il colpo di scena riguardante la questione dell'oro e la sua carriera da attore. Date un'occhiata all'intervista completa qui sotto!

Episode 3 of Outlander Season 7 gave viewers a completely unexpected twist, bringing two characters who had hitherto remained on the sidelines to centre stage: Arch and Murdina Bug. We at Survived The Shows had the great pleasure of chatting via Zoom with Hugh Ross, who plays Arch Bug, about his experience in Outlander, the twist concerning the gold issue and his acting career. Check out the full interview in the video below!

What fascinates you the most about Arch Bug’s character and Outlander in itself that convinced you to join the show?

HUGH ROSS: I knew this series was happening and I’d watched it a bit because I’m a Scott and love Scottish history. It just was a lovely job to be offered. You’ve no expectations. You go, you do a recording of the scene or whatever and you cross your fingers that the job patterns. It seems like a really nice part and from the books and everything.

One of the things the audience loves the most about Outlander is how all-rounded and relatable the characters are. On a personal level, is there any particular feature in Arch Bug that you can relate to as Hugh? Where are you two most similar and where are you two most different as human beings?

HUGH ROSS: I think Arch Bug is very kind of tenacious. He kind of sticks to his guns and goes for things that interest him. And I kind of am quite tenacious as well. I’m a Torian and they’re stubborn. I think fundamentally he’s a loyal person and he’s very true to his wife, who he loves truly. He’s basically an honorable person who’s dealt a bad set of cards by fate and things go wrong.

What’s been for you the biggest challenge you experienced in portraying Arch Bug?

HUGH ROSS: He didn’t have any hugely challenging stuff to do from the point of view of shooting or fighting. In fact, to start with, we weren’t sure how the character was going to develop in the television version, whether or not it was going to stick absolutely to the books and things. So we were kind of just around and joining the family and kind of wondering if the storyline and of course the gold to being the most important aspect of their storyline, whether that was all going to be developed. And it was very slowly developed until this particular now, this season now, where it’s coming to focus.

Credit: Robert Wilson / STARZ

In episode 3 of Season 7 we finally had the chance to learn more about Arch Bug’s nature and also him and Murdina’s relationship when the gold issue comes up.

HUGH ROSS: Yes, yes, yes, correct. So it was a bit of a slow burn as they say and we weren’t quite sure because various things in the story from the books did change and we just felt very much part of a big canvas, the whole family surrounding the Frasers’. People kind of come in and out of focus depending on how important they are to that particular part of the story. It’s very cleverly written and put together, I think actually, and I remember, when season six was launched, the producer saying, ‘Oh, you’re going to be so excited about what’s happening in Season 7 because suddenly there’s so much more to do’. And in fact, that’s what has happened. So that was really nice.

How was it like to film those scenes with Sarah Collier, Sam Heughan and also John Bell?

HUGH ROSS: I got on very well with Sarah [Collier], who played my wife. We have a lot of mutual friends and things. Scots are very good at kind of sticking together. I didn’t know John [Bell] at all, but he’s a very good young actor and very entertaining. There’s a very good company feeling about the whole show. Sam and I had known for sort of 15 years and I did a play in the theater with him when he was very young. So I already knew Sam a bit, and it was very nice to be reunited with him. Sam, Caitriona are both great and easy to work with, very open and friendly.

What’s been your favourite scene to film on Outlander so far?

HUGH ROSS: The funeral scene was a big testing, difficult scene because apart from anything else, it was the wettest day you can possibly imagine. It was absolutely pouring with rain, which for a funeral was very appropriate. It was an emotional day, for Sarah as well, who was kind of coming to the end of her story. We actually filmed the the burial before we filmed the procession to the graveyard and fortunately it stopped raining at about 1:00 o’clock and we got that happened in the afternoon. When you look at it, actually in the previous scene when Arch explains about the gold, you can actually see the rain pouring off his hand. It was a lot of rain but the funeral scene was very a great acting scene, lovely thing to do.

Credit: Robert Wilson / STARZ

The interview with Hugh Ross has been condensed and edited for length and clarity. Take a look at the full interview at the top of the article!

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