EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Gavin Langelo Teases ‘Thoughtful Love Story’ on Hallmark’s A Picture of Her!

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Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish will star in “A Picture of Her” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, March 25 (8 p.m. ET/PT) on Hallmark Channel. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with Gavin Langelo about his experience in the making of the movie and what fans can expect. Check out the full interview below!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Gavin Langelo Teases 'Thoughtful Love Story' on Hallmark's A Picture of Her!
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Gavin Langelo Teases ‘Thoughtful Love Story’ on Hallmark’s A Picture of Her!

What’s the main element in Richie’s character and the movie in general that fascinates you the most and drew you to join Picture of Her?

GAVIN LANGELO: Richie has this sort of desperation and determination that looked so fun and hilarious to explore. He fully embodies the fake it till you make it mentality and has this romanticised idea about where he should be in his life. He just wants to be the person he imagines himself as in his head. I think a lot of people, whether they’d admit it or not, can relate to that.

In the past, Tom Cruise and Jeremy Piven brought iconic characters to life like Jerry Maguire and Ari Gold. Being a fan of both of them, I could not turn down my opportunity to play a talent agent. Albeit, Richies at a drastically different position in his career than those characters.

Where are you and Richie most similar and where are you most different as human beings?

There’s always a piece of you in every character you play. Richie and I are similar because we’re both fighting for what we want in life and trying to make our dreams a reality. The difference between us is that Richie will bend his moral compass and the truth to get what he wants.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you in portraying Richie?

It’s always the same for me regardless of who I am playing. I want to serve the story and find the truth behind who my character really is. If I can ground my performance in some version of reality and it feels authentic during the shoot, that’s a win in my book. If I make the audience feel something, good or bad, I’ve done my job.

To all the fans looking forward to watching the movie, how would you describe Picture of Her in just 3 words?

Thoughtful Love Story

What can you tease about Richie’s journey throughout the movie?

Tune in to the Hallmark channel on Saturday March 25th at 7pm ET/PT to find out for yourself.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Gavin Langelo Teases ‘Thoughtful Love Story’ on Hallmark’s A Picture of Her!

Talking about the environment on set, how would you describe your experience while filming Picture of Her and do you have any fun anecdotes to share?

Filming was a blast. Michael Robison was a great Director to work with and made the whole process very easy. I loved that once I got a sense of the vibe on set, I was given so much room to improvise and play. I spent most of my time with Rhiannon Fish and a little time with Tyler Hynes. They’re both such pros and made the whole experience so enjoyable. Rhiannon is one of the sweetest, most down to earth people you will ever meet. The cast and crew all felt like a big family. All solid people.

If you could choose any other character from Picture of Her, apart from Richie, that you would have loved to play, which one would it be and why?

Tyler’s character as Jake. I can’t tell you much without spoiling the story but he’s a character I would love to dig into.

Did you take anything from set, any prop or piece of costume, to remember your experience as Richie?

I’m definitely outing myself for future projects but yes. When you’re on set, they have little laminated cards in your chair that include your name, characters name and usually a symbol or title of the project you’re working on. I steal those at the end of my shoots as a keepsake.

Throwing back to the origins of your career, how did the passion for acting come about in your life?

It goes way back to when I was 5 years old. As a preschooler, I was chasing my dream of becoming the next Peter Parker. When those dreams came crashing down, I decided to pivot from being Spiderman to being an Actor. My intrigue for acting came from watching movies. They gave me so much excitement and a feeling of adventure. Seeing the impact that stories had on the adults in my world, namely my parents, inspired me. To see my parents be moved to tears, laughter or deep conversation just from a film was really exciting to me.

I learned so much about right and wrong from movies and almost all my heroes growing up came from them. I couldn’t believe that acting was a real job. I can make money doing this? I decided right then and there that I would do whatever it took, no matter how long it took, to make acting my profession.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Gavin Langelo Teases ‘Thoughtful Love Story’ on Hallmark’s A Picture of Her!

Among all the roles you’ve had the chance to play throughout your career, is there any particular role you’re most fond of?

It’s really difficult to just pick one project because they all represent different stages in my career and I’ve had so many positive experiences. I think one role that really sticks out is the first play I ever did. I was 7 years old and did a play called A Child’s Christmas in Wales. I had no idea what the hell I was doing but that was the real start of everything for me. From the smell of the theatre to feeling what it’s like to have an audience respond to you in real time. That confirmed what I already knew; That I was going to spend the rest of my life doing this.

What can you tease about your next projects?

I make an appearance in the Independent Feature Cold Copy directed by Roxine Hellburg which I think comes out sometime this year or next. And if you look real close, you might see me in season 3 episode 2 of Superman & Lois.

A Picture of Her, with Gavin Langelo, premieres Saturday, March 25 on Hallmark Channel. Get a preview below!

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