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Lifetime Movie Network premieres new Christmas thriller movie Silent Night, Fatal Night on Thursday, December 7 – We at Survived The Shows had the chance to chat with screenwriter and director Peter Sullivan and discuss the movie and its making with him. Check out full interview below!


“In ‘Silent Night Fatal Night,’ you’ve navigated both holiday cheer and intense suspense. How did you balance these contrasting elements to create a captivating story?”

PETER SULLIVAN: We have a film that features both holiday cheer and intense suspense. And what I love about the contrast of the two elements is that you have a time of year that is traditionally regarded as very joyful and happy.Therefore, when you have something that’s suspenseful, maybe a little darker, featuring characters that are that are sort of at the end of their rope, so to speak, juxtaposed against the happiness of the holiday, it creates something that’s much more sinister because it’s not what you’re expecting to see when you walk into a house that’s completely decorated for Christmas. So what I wanted to do was combine these genres together in a way to subvert audience expectations and to create a more exciting and surprising ride for audiences.

“The film touches on themes of captivity and creativity. How did you approach portraying these complex emotions within the holiday setting?”

PETER SULLIVAN: The film touches upon themes of captivity and creativity, and surprisingly, these are not that different from one another. I find and as a lot of people that work in my field, you know, if you’re not careful, you can feel trapped by your work.
If you are known specifically for doing one type of film or writing one type of script, it’s very easy to become a pigeonholed.
And this is a person that could only do Christmas movies. It’s just a person that could only do films. It’s just a person that could only do horror films and you’re not given the opportunity to to play with other genres.

Not something very early on.

You know that I’ve learned and and worked to subvert even when I was just writing, before I even started directing. I would try to balance the two genres. If I was going to do Christmas movie on one film, then make sure the next film was was something other than a Christmas movie and so on, just to keep things fresh. But our character is someone who who as a as a writer is very much trapped by her past success and people are expecting her to keep repeating it. And you know, she definitely feels trapped in a box, not only creatively but you know, as it turns out, quite literally So for for me, you know, the 2GO hand in hand and the film works not just, you know, literally, but also metaphorically as well.

The interview with Peter Sullivan has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

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