EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Director Peter Sullivan Previews Lifetime’s “Break In”! – WATCH

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Lifetime Movie Network premieres new thriller movie Break In on Thursday, December 7 – We at Survived The Shows had the chance to chat with screenwriter and director Peter Sullivan and discuss the movie and its making with him. Check out full interview below!

What do you think makes the action in the movie so special and captivating?

PETER SULLIVAN: What I find makes the action so special and captivating is that if it mixes 2 genres, really for me it’s it’s partially thriller. It is a story about a woman getting over marriage, getting over the death of a loved one or mother, and it also had elements of the splasher genre. We have the math computer, who is a persistent threat throughout the entire film, unrelenting and vicious and brutal. And so for me, it’s mixing these two genres together in an interesting way to create a thriller that, you know, might be a little bit more intense and a little harder hitting than you might normally see, which I thought was interesting.

What was your favorite scene or moment while directing “Break in”?

PETER SULLIVAN: My favorite scene or moment in the film. There is a great chase that I really enjoy where it literally takes her from one side of the property to the other. Thoughts in the house and thoughts outside the house. And it’s great because no matter how fast she runs or where she hides, the intruders come in and he knows he’s gonna get her and he’s just walking with a purpose. And he it’s just I get coupons at the time I see it because it is frightening and scary and it’s just such a you know such a strong moment and and you know the action is solid. Heather who plays psychetical play tether is you know phenomenal in it and I just really enjoyed that sequence a lot.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Director Peter Sullivan Previews Lifetime’s “Break In”! – WATCH

The interview with Peter Sullivan has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

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