EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Writer Jennifer Snow Previews UPtv’s Christmas Time Capsule!

We at Survived The Shows had the incredible chance to chat with director Jennifer Snow, who teased us UPtv's Christmas Time Capsule and her work. Check out full interview below!

Emily Alatalo and Franco Lo Presti star in the brand new movie Christmas Time Capsule, premiering Saturday, November 11 at 8 PM on UPtv. We at Survived The Shows had the incredible chance to chat with director Jennifer Snow, who teased us a little about the movie and her work. Check out full interview below!

In “Christmas Time Capsule,” the plot revolves around a family heirloom engagement ring. What inspired you to explore the theme of heirlooms and their significance in relationships?

JENNIFER SNOW: Christmas Time Capsule was a concept I had since 2016 that I really wanted to write and I was actually more intrigued by the time capsule idea than the family heirloom.

I wanted the ring to have huge significance for James. So that it wasn’t an easy decision to just buy a new ring once he discovered Tiffany had put it into her time capsule. But it was really the idea of old cherished items being stored away as a way to preserve the past that appealed to me.

I had a graduation time capsule that I reopened the year of my 20th high school reunion and the memories it brought back reminded me of some of my best friends and best early life experiences, so I wanted the time capsule in this movie to have the same effect on Tiffany when she opens it, along with a few discoveries…

The storyline involves a twist where James intends to propose to another woman. How did you approach crafting characters with conflicting emotions, and what message were you aiming to convey about love and choices?

JENNIFER SNOW: This storyline was definitely a tricky one for me because I’m not actually a big fan of the movies where someone is in a relationship, but discovers a better connection elsewhere (though it happens in real life all the time), but I think this story is different in that James isn’t in a relationship and then meeting someone better suited or who turns his head – these two have been best friends for years and as the movie highlights – they’ve been a big, important part of one anothers lives, the timing has just never been right to confess their love.

I wanted these characters to be very complex and the conflict to be very real as Tiffany struggles with the fact that time has run out to tell him how she feels and then James has to ultimately decide who is the love of his life. I think real life and real love is often messy and complicated. And the message I really wanted to convey with this movie is – if you love someone, tell them. 

We at Survived The Shows had the incredible chance to chat with director Jennifer Snow, who teased us UPtv's Christmas Time Capsule and her work. Check out full interview below!

Tiffany plays a pivotal role in the story by safeguarding the engagement ring. Can you share your insights into creating strong, independent female characters in the context of a Christmas romance?

JENNIFER SNOW: The only kind of female characters that I like to write are strong, independent women. In this story, Tiffany has a great career, wonderful family. She’s living on her own and happy that way. And she’s supporting James in ways even he doesn’t fully realize at the beginning of the movie. She’s not looking for a relationship, she knows what she wants and she just hasn’t found the right opportunity to go after it. It’s not until she’s about to lose the love of her life that she becomes even stronger in pursuing that love.

The film combines elements of romance and Christmas festivities. How did you balance these genres, and why do you think the holiday season is a particularly compelling backdrop for romantic narratives?

JENNIFER SNOW: To me, there is no better time than Christmas to fall in love. I’ve written over 60 romances between books and movies and so many of them are set at Christmas. The season provides a beautiful backdrop for the developing relationship and the timeline of being together for the holidays creates a sense of urgency. Holiday festivities offer fun ways to see the characters interact as they enjoy the season together and relieves some of the tension of the relationship. The Christmas element also gives the perfect opportunity to explore the storylines of hope, forgiveness and family which are all very important themes in this story.

Without giving away spoilers, what motivated you to subvert traditional romantic expectations, and how do you believe it enhances the overall impact of the story?

JENNIFER SNOW: If you mean having a man about to propose to one woman falling for someone else, it was definitely tricky to set up that trope. But I feel that it really solidified the relationship between the leads when they both had to confront the truth about what they really wanted out of life and love. Friends to lovers has always been a favorite trope of mine, but the additional love triangle angle further complicates the conflict.

I think (I hope) in this case, the way the third party was explored and portrayed will help viewers understand the depth of the love the leads have for one another without discrediting the value she adds to James’ life as someone he deeply cares for. But is ultimately not the one for him.

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