EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Christina Wolfe Previews her character’s Journey on the upcoming episodes of FBI International 3!


Christina Wolfe joined the cast of FBI: INTERNATIONAL as Special Agent Amanda Tate at the start of the series’ third season. We at Survived The Shows had the amazing chance to chat with star Christina Wolfe, who teased what we can expect the upcoming episodes of FBI International Season 3 and discussed her experience in it. Check out the full interview below!

Christina Wolfe fbi international
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Christina Wolfe Previews her character’s Journey on the upcoming episodes of FBI International 3!

Can you tell us a bit about your character in FBI International?

Amanda Tate is a tech whizz, and a team player. She’s very quick, decisive and resourceful. You can tell she loves her job and wants to prove herself.

What initially attracted you to the role of Special Agent Amanda Tate?

I grew up watching Law and Order, so I was beyond thrilled to get this opportunity. Amanda is also different from characters I’ve played before, so getting to play her is a new and very enjoyable challenge.

As a new series regular, what do you find most intriguing about Amanda Tate’s backstory and how it influences her present actions within the team?

I am still getting to know her and develop her; finding what motivates her is important to me. For example, I am interested in what drew her to law enforcement. I’m also very intrigued by her family life, which was teased in episode 3.

Amanda Tate’s character demonstrates resilience and courage. What personal traits do you admire most about her, and how do you relate to them?

So many! But certainly her courage. Not only in how she uses her expertise and resourcefulness with the team to solve difficult and emotionally challenging cases under tremendous pressure, but also in how she has thrown herself into her new role and is gaining confidence with each new case. I am proud of her and I’m hoping some of her traits rub off on me as I spend more time with her!

Christina Wolfe fbi international

As the show delves deeper into Amanda Tate’s character, what aspects of her personality do you find most intriguing to explore?

I love seeing glimpses of her character outside of work, and her sense of humour. You’ll soon see how she deals with very new and different challenges at work!

“Cowboy Behavior” showcased Amanda Tate’s determination and resourcefulness. How do you think her character’s strengths contribute to the dynamic of the team in FBI International?

Her speedy and creative tech solutions in particular are an asset to the team and her unflappable nature helps ground the team, too.

Will we know Special Agent Tate better in the next episodes?

Yes, you’re about to see a whole lot more of her! Both in her private life and her professional life.

The character development of Amanda Tate seems to be gaining momentum. Can you give us any hints about what we can expect from her character as the season progresses?

Tate is flung into very new and challenging situations and is required to grow and adapt very quickly. I can’t say much more at this stage, but her development has definitely been exciting to play!

Christina Wolfe fbi international

Amanda Tate’s determination to solve the case showcased her as an integral part of the team. How do you think her relationship with other team members will evolve as the season progresses?

It is already evolving; I feel her friendships with the team are solidifying as they solve the cases together and have each other’s backs. I am really looking forward to seeing how the individual friendships develop.

Change of subject, What have been some of the most memorable projects you have worked on throughout your career, and why?

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to explore different genres and a wide range of settings: from Gotham City, to outer space, to palaces and morgues…! But ultimately, what makes the projects memorable are the wonderful people I meet along the way.

Talking about your experience in The Royals (we are great fans)what can you share about this experience?

Thank you! I loved working on The Royals. It was one of my first TV jobs and it was so exciting. The cast and crew were fabulous – most of my scenes were with William Moseley and Max Brown and they were such gentlemen and wonderful to work with. And the locations were unreal – working at Blenheim Palace was a highlight!

Can you tease something about your next projects?

I am totally committed to FBI: International at the moment. But I have an exciting thriller film coming out this year directed by Paul Raschid, so stay tuned!

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