EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlene Amoia Breaks Down GAC’s A Royal Christmas Holiday!


Brittany Underwood and Jonathan Stoddard star in the new Great American Family Christmas movie A Royal Christmas Holiday, premiering December 23 at 8/7c on the network as a part of the Great American Christmas line-up. We at Survived The Shows had the incredibile chance to chat via email with star Charlene Amoia and discuss the movie A Royal Christmas Holiday and her on-set experience. Check out the full interview below!

Can you tell us a bit about your character in A Royal Christmas Holiday?

I play Marcy who works at the local news station. She’s at the bottom of the pecking order so is often ordered around and mistreated. She always tries to make the best of it and is also a hopeful romantic so she’s happy to assist Katie to find her true love!

What initially attracted you to your role in A Royal Christmas Holiday?

Well, I’ve worked on three other movies directed by Fred Olen Ray and always love working with him. So when he told me he had a part for me on this project, I was happy to do it. In addition, we filmed in Buffalo, NY, my hometown so I got to visit with family on my off days.

What do you think makes this movie so special and captivating?

It’s a sweet love story with the snowy backdrop of a good feeling Christmas movie. I think our cast was super fun as well.

What do you hope audiences take away from watching A Royal Christmas Holiday?

I think it leaves audiences feeling good, festive and hopeful that sweet romances still exist!

What was it like working with the rest of the cast on set?

Funny enough, William Baldwin, Jonathan and I all worked together last year on a Royal Christmas on Ice and Brittany and I starred on Deadly Vows together so it was a really cool and nice reunion!

What can you tease about your character Journey?

Marcy is doing her best to do her work well and get noticed but is seemingly always overlooked so she takes great pleasure in helping Katie score the interview that will change everything in the workplace.

What was your favorite scene or moment while filming A Royal Christmas Holiday?

I really enjoyed doing my scenes with Willam Baldwin. He’s one of the nicest, humblest guys I’ve met in the biz and it was really great to get to know him better.

Can you tell us about any challenges you faced while filming A Royal Christmas Holiday and how you overcame them?

Filming in the middle of Buffalo winter certainly came with some challenges as we had a couple serious snowstorms but just like every time you sign onto a project, you just have to be flexible and allow for whatever spontaneous changes that come and have fun with it.

Change of subject, What have been some of the most memorable projects you have worked on throughout your career, and why?

I loved working on American Reunion, How I Met Your Mother, and both Man With A Plan and Joey! My favorite thing to do is physical comedy and working on situational comedies always allow for some of that as well as the ability to play and find more funny on set!

Can you tease something about your next projects?

I recently completed a six episode series called These Stones that is so heartfelt, inspiring and altogether wonderful. I’m really looking forward to people seeing that very soon as well.

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