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Netflix will have Sweet Magnolias fans pouring it out all summer when the show’s 10-episode season 3 is (finally!) released on Thursday, July 20. We at Survived The Shows had the great pleasure of chatting with Brittany L. Smith, who plays Peggy Martin, about her role, and what we can expect from the series’ season 3. Check out the full interview in the video below!

What’s been the main element in Peggy’s character and the show in general the fascinates you the most and also convinced you and drew you to join Sweet Magnolias?

BRITTANY L SMITH: Well, I didn’t even think that I was going to be a part of the show. When I auditioned, I was just like, ‘oh, they’re not going to hire me. Whatever’. And my best friend actually convinced me to audition, and I’m so glad that she did because this is a beautiful show. The show is centered around what I believe is a character-driven pieces and that’s something that I love and probably over plot-driven pieces because I’m fascinated with people, their arc and their rise, downfall and the cycle that they go through.

That’s more compelling as television. So infusing that how every individual goes through their character development process, and then also fusing that with family and friendship ties and how they’re strengthened or how they fall away is something that I’m loving that we get to do and that we get to showcase, not just with the three Magnolias but with everybody else in the town of Serenity. It makes for a compelling drama.

Speaking of Season 3, how would you describe the season for all the fans that have been patiently looking forward to it?

BRITTANY L SMITH: Without getting in trouble, I would say this season is all about choices you make and the consequences of those choices. That’s not always a good thing, and it’s not always a choice that you would want that character to make. I definitely have some opinions about some of the choices made. I can’t wait to talk about them with people because I want someone to be on my side. That’s not a reflection of Peggy or anything that’s different characters, but I would definitely say who you know. Everything has a consequence.

How is it like for you to work with both Chris Medlin and Chris Klein, and start building this relationship between Peggy and Isaac?

BRITTANY L SMITH: It’s fun. It’s really, really fun. Anytime Brittany gets to work with Chris Medlin. It is just fun. And just because we have a rapport or we built up a rapport with one another and we laugh and cut up. So by the time that our Peggy and Isaac scenes come together, it’s just like talking to an old friend and being really comfortable and relaxed. Then talking with Chris Klein, like watching him and growing up seeing him on screen and then getting to work alongside him… he’s such a down to earth guy. I know Bill gets like a lot of flack, but Chris is a really great guy, a great scene partner and easy to talk to.

We at Survived The Shows had the great pleasure of chatting with Brittany L Smith, who plays Peggy Martin, about her role, and what we can expect from Sweet Magnolias season 3. Check out the full interview below!

If you could choose any other character to play on Sweet Magnolias, outside of Peggy, which one would it be and why?

BRITTANY L SMITH: This is going to sound so bad. If I could play any other character, I would want to play Mary Vaughn, played by Allison Gabriel. She’s a trip. Like the things that actually come out of her mouth crack me up because I’m like, ‘how do you say this to people with a straight face?’.

She will go out of her way to make sure she gets what she wants and we’ll step on all the toes to do so, and do it with a smile and unapologetically. She is very direct in a sometimes sweet-Southern way, sometimes not. But I think the audacity of Mary Vaughn is hilarious. She’s just so bold and I would love to see it. That’s so different from me as a person that I would love to see what it’s like walking in her shoes for as long as she’s been on the show.

Outside of Sweet Magnolias, you had the chance to join the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ Mahogany movie To Her, With Love, where you played Tanya. What’s your favourite memory out of that experience and what fascinated you the most about the role and the show?

BRITTANY L SMITH: I was really happy and really grateful that Hallmark took on their Mahogany series. So by the time we were on To Her, With Love, that was the second film in the queue. Bringing black and brown voices and faces to a predominantly white space for the first time was great, to make them at the forefront of telling their stories rather than just like the best friend or the boss, some minor character. I love that they did that. It was great representation, not just in front of the camera but also behind the scenes with the crew, hair and makeup and wardrobe. So that was a beautiful time.

And also Tanya and playing with Skye’s character, examining the relationships of friendships as adults. When you’re growing up and you’re around kids, you’re just friends because you live with each other. When you’re an adult, it takes attention and purpose, and sometimes things fall apart. People do talk about it, but examining why things fall apart and if and how they can get back together is something that I genuinely like. It does not work out well a lot of the times, but this time in the story it did, so that’s what I liked.

Do you have any upcoming new projects to share with us?

BRITTANY L. SMITH: I don’t know if it’s announced yet or I don’t know the date yet, but I will be playing a character on another series, Terror Lake Drive. So be on the lookout for that probably later this year.

Sweer Magnolias, which also stars Brittany L Smith, is back with Season 3 on Netflix on July 20. Get a preview below!

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