EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Alex Camacho Breaks Down Lifetime’s “To Kill a Stepfather”! – WATCH

alex camacho interview to kill a stepfather

Lifetime Movie Network premiered new thriller movie “To Kill a Stepfather” on Sunday, July 30. We at Survived The Shows had the chance to interview star Alex Camacho and discuss about the movie with her. Check out full interview below!

Can you tell us a bit about your character Nichole?

ALEX CAMACHO: Nicole is sharp witted. She’s a lawyer, high-powered attorney who has left her small town to make it big in the big city and find success there. And she has this sort of a strange relationship with her mother for good reason as you’ll see in the film. Nicole is quick and she’s confident, and she has reason to be, but the most important thing to Nicole is finding the truth above all else, no matter what.

What do you think makes the action in the movie so special and captivating?

ALEX: The action is around every corner. She’s searching for the truth and sometimes when you want to find the truth, people will come along who don’t want that. So all along the way, every time she finds another clue, she hits another door. And so I don’t know about you, but I love to see a character constantly have obstacles. And then overcome them. So the action for me is this constant, going up to a door, and it’s slamming in her face, finding another door, and it’s slamming in her face until she knocks enough down.

The interview with Alex Camacho has been edited and condensed for lenght and clarity. Watch the full video interview at the top of the article!

To Kill a Stepfather with Alex Camacho premieres Sunday, July 30 on Lifetime.

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