Do you recognize the men of Chicago Fire from the details? Quiz


Would you consider yourselves such fans of Chicago Fire to recognize its protagonists by some simple details that characterize them? Test yourself with our new quiz, only for real Chicago Fire fans!

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The Chicago Fire drama is defined by a long series of characters that have characterized their evolution with their stories, and their particular details. The heroes of Barracks 51 pass by electrifying cases, showing themselves in all their apparent coldness and phenomenality to excite us with their most sensitive and personal side. Every single hero has a story and features that make them unique and define them. In particular, the male characters represent the backbone of the fire drama as we find male figures with great tenacity, heart and passion at the same time.

Matt Casey, Kelly Severide, Christopher Hermann, Mouch and Joe Cruz made the history of Chicago Fire and without them the series wouldn’t be the same. Today we are here to test you and your passion for Chicago Fire with a quiz. Let’s see how well you know these heroes!


#1. What is Dr. Miranda Bailey's nickname?

#2. What beverage does Meredith bring to Dr. Bailey as an attempt to bribe Bailey into letting her scrub in for her first surgery?

#3. In the episode "Bring the Pain" Bailey tells Derek that she has been married for a number of years. How long had she been married?

#4. What did Bailey name her son?

#5. In season three Dr. Bailey began to doubt her capabilities as a doctor, when her name was erased from the surgery board. Who erased her name?

#6. Who is her husband?

#7. What kind of surgeon is Dr. Bailey?


Share with us your results on how much you know in detail the protagonists of Chicago Fire in the comments and may the best win!

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