Chicago PD Season 11: Preview on episode 9! – WATCH


On Wednesday April 3rd, episode 9 of Chicago PD Season 11, entitled Somos Uno, will air on NBC. In which new mission will the agents and detectives embark? Let’s see together some previews!


NBC hasn’t released any synopsis that teases what’s going to happen on Chicago PD S11. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload it as soon as it’s out!

Torres’s personal involvement with an informant jeopardizes his safety and threatens to expose an undercover operation. 

Aguilar’s Torres has a “big episode coming up in Episode 9 of this season; dealing with the ongoing undercover investigation of Perez and his CI Gloria. It’s really a great ride with some complicated dilemmas for Torres.”

Promotional pictures

ABC has now released the promotional pictures– What’s next for our favourite cops and detectives? We’ll soon find out!


NBC has released a first promo that tease what’s going to happen on Chicago PD. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload them as soon as it’s out!

What do you think about this first preview on “Chicago PD”? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!



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